Poetic devices

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  • Kendrick Lamar Poetic Devices

    Secondly, another poetic device that Kendrick Lamar uses in his song is irony. Irony is when an event occurs in which is unexpected in the sense that it is somehow in mocking opposition in what would be expected or appropriate. When Kendrick Lamar uses irony, it is in a very serious and thought provoking way. For example, in line 63 the speaker says, “Cause you tried to change your life and now you live in a wheelchair.” This line is ironic because it talks about how someone tried to change their life and instead of it getting better, which is what is expected, it got worse by the person becoming handicapped. Kendrick Lamar also uses irony in line 10 when he says, “I opened my Bible in search to be a better Christian / And this…

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  • Poetic Devices In Annabel Lee

    hyperboles. Edgar uses hyperbole when mentioning the “demons down under the sea”. Although Edgar blames the angels for the death of Annabel lee, he uses the demons as an exaggeration. This poem consists of many poetic devices to make it sound as a song. Along with the rhythm like a song and rhyme throughout the poem, Edgar also uses repetition throughout his six stanzas. While reading the poem Annabel Lee a reader can easily notice the elongated e-sound throughout the lines. The rhythm of the…

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  • Poetic Devices In Behind Mama's House

    Through each the vivid imagery, the tough guy tone, and well-fitting poetic devices used throughout the poem. Gary Soto is allowed to portray the thematic accusation that people change both their physical and mental appearance in order to gain the acceptance of those around them. Gary Soto, born on April 12, 1952, is a poetic hero in many senses of today’s literature. Not particularly in the sense that he produces well thought out poem and has won many…

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  • Ed Sheeran Song Poetic Devices

    A song can paint the prettiest picture- or it can destroy it, and give you the most horrid image. How? Songs are simply poetry with an instrumental background. To evoke emotion from the reader and create and image or a mood, a writer might use poetic devises like assonance, similes and repetition. Song uses assonance to mirror or change the mood to match the song, a simile paints a picture for the reader. It helps the audience have a better understanding of the mood and subject matter. Ed…

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  • Poetic Devices In 'Everybody' By Bob Dylan

    Through the usage of poetic devices, the author, Bob Dylan is able to portray meaning of a past relationship. In this past relationship, Dylan’s partner pretends to be someone that she is not in order to climb the social ladder. Dylan effectively uses methods such as hyperbole, symbolism, and diction to give meaning to one of his most famous songs. In the first verse of this work, Dylan introduces contrast between how the outside world views the woman and how he views the woman. In line 3-6,…

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  • Hope In Charlotte Bronte's Poem, Life

    Brontë has an interesting look on hope. In her poem called “life” she explains some days you might have rough cloudy days, causing you to trudge but hope will pick you up and your despair will vanish. On the other hand, Emily Dickinson has a slightly different look comparing hope to an undefeatable bird. The theme they have in common is hope, though it is described In different ways it has similar qualities. In Charlotte Bronte’s poem, “Life” she explains life will not be perfect, you will wake…

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  • Poetic Devices In Sonnet 130 By Shakespeare

    It could be suggested that through the verse form of the sonnet, alongside poetic devices, a poem can generate meaning. In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, it can be argued the sonnet form, with its subconcious expectations of formal conventions, and the usual notion of a sonnet being concerned with love is adhered to. However, in other ways Shakespeare breaks this and subverts these usual notions through the use of contradictions and paradoxical statements. This links to the idea that Shakespeare…

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  • Poetic Devices In Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

    Taken very effectively uses poetic devices in order to demonstrate the ideas that Frost wanted to communicate to the reader. He used many poetic devices to illustrate his perception, the first of which is symbolism. Frost applied symbolism in his work to add depth and meaning to his story. Second, he utilized imagery to aid us in interpreting his understanding of the message that he is trying to describe to the reader. The last major poetic device that he used in this poem is word choice. He…

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  • Poetic Devices In The Sound Of Silence By Simon And Garfunkel

    I have decided to analyze the poetic devices and the purpose of the lyrics “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. This song is based around the idea that people are unable to communicate with their own species because of advanced technology and media which is symbolized by the “neon god” in the song. It shows us that people strongly believe in celebrities, wealth, and media that they silence a simple, beautiful world, underneath them. The author, Simon intends to make the world realize…

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  • The Secret Of A Successful Job Essay

    In the first month of working at Networks Department.That day, I entered my office and I couldn’t even thinking or focusing on anything, because there were a lot of electrical wires on the ground. It makes me troubled. In another day I wanted to connect some of these electrical wires together. I tried to touch one of them, and it was a hot electrical wire harmed my hand. It is dangerous and risky to work in this section. Also, if you do any simple mistake you will be in a trouble like if you put…

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