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  • Aristotle's Tragic Hero

    reputation and prosperity…" and must take at least partial responsibility of his own downfall and learn from his mistake (Kennedy and Gioia, 2013). C.H. Reeves (1952) points out that Aristotle first spoke about his theory on tragedy in general in “Poetics”. Aristotle asserts a true tragic hero is not: A good man going from happiness to misery, a bad man from misery to happiness or an extremely bad man from happiness into misery (Reeves,…

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  • Is Othello A Hero Or A Villain Analysis

    Othello may be a hero but he gets fooled like a villain. In Othello, Othello is what you would call a "tragic hero." What I mean by that is he may be seen as something that brings hope and goodness but his challenges and his own jealousy bring him at his fall. One of his many challenges is not something but someone.The one and only manipulative Iago. Iago is the key villain in this story; he twists peoples minds with his words. Even though Othello does not know he is being fooled, us being the…

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  • Oedipus As A Tragic Hero Essay

    Good morning and welcome to this year’s Brisbane Writers festival, where the time has come to delve into and examine hero narratives. In particular we will contemplate cultural contexts, with consideration to culture evolving through time to developing and changing ideas, attitudes and values. The transition from ancient Greece in the 8th to 6th centuries before the Common Era, to two and a half thousand years later, where civilisation is today, has been extensive. The Oedipus plays by Sophocles…

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  • Comparison Of Plutarch's Antony And Cleopatra

    In Antony and Cleopatra, displayed was a powerful love between two people at the climax of their trials and tribulations. Plutarch ‘Life of Antonius’ is the primary source, and Shakespeare has combined this factual evidence together along with fiction and drama to formulate a play that is different in terms of proposition, structure and notability. In the first century AD, less than one hundred years after Antony’s death ; but just in time to hear his grandfather’s personal experiences…

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  • Oedipus Tragic Flaw

    The downfall of mankind is an essential part of comprehending human nature. If there is nothing tragic, then inversely there is little happiness to be taken from comedy. Nonetheless, every tragedy requires a hero with a tragic flaw. The protagonist being human makes the character relatable and even more pitiful because the audience is aware that his inevitable downfall is to come. His tragic flaw not only harms himself but harms others in the story as well. Works such as Sophocles' drama Oedipus…

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  • Tragedy And The Common Man Analysis

    The predominant device being the use of logos or an appeal to logic. Miller uses logos in multiple instances not only to justify his argument but also to prove his credibility. An example of this would be in paragraph --- when Miller states that everyone, no matter their…

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  • The Fall Of Willy Loman's Death Of A Salesman

    Chasing Death Despite the fact that Willy Loman may not exemplify the tragic hero due to his lack of success and stature, Death of a Salesman should be considered a tragedy as it succeeds in crafting a narrative that is centralized around the dangers of ambition, illustrated through the cautionary tale of the fall of Willy Loman, who falls to Earth from his lofty dreams, and in the process tears his life to pieces. It is difficult to proclaim Willy a typical tragic hero; he is anything but that…

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  • The Importance Of Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet

    “Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is complete and whole… (Aristotle 31)”. This theory conveyed by Aristotle in his renowned work Poetics expresses the idea that a successful tragedy consists of specific principles that reoccur in classic literature. The theory emphasizes that a tragedy represents reality and universal truths rather than historical particulars. This is achieved by creating a tightly-woven cause and effect chain or “unity of action” that centers around the plot rather…

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  • Character Analysis Of Angels In America By Tony Kushner

    Anguish and Angels Who is the protagonist of Angels in America? Why? How does or does not this individual (or individuals) fit into the Aristotelian concept of a protagonist? Angels in America by Tony Kushner is a classic case of finding one’s identity through truth and lies, that’s coupled with the stigma of disease and sexual orientation. The play features two couples, Louis and Prior, and Joe and Harper who’s fates all seem to come together after each of them undergoes troubling experiences.…

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  • The Tragic Roles In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    Postmodernism expressed the life of Americans after World War II through different forms of literature. The population boomed, technology advanced, and the curriculum progressed around the 1940s and 1950s which further added to the changes faced by the American people. Although life for citizens slowly began to heal itself, especially after the war, families still suffered from their own issues. In other words, literature displayed the tragedies found within American households at the time…

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