Binary Opposition In Waiting For Godot Analysis

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Section two ꞉
Binary Oppositions in play ‛ Waiting for Godot’ ꞉

‛ Waiting for Godot’ is considered as a masterpiece in world literature ∙ It is one of Beckett’s beautiful plays∙ This astonishing play has two acts ∙ This play refers to the ‛ Theater Of The Absurd’∙ The mission of this type of theater is to showed the audience what can happen when human existence has no meaning or purpose ∙
Samuel Beckett is one of the pioneers of showing the binary oppositions in his plays with his characters that are in pairs and they complete each other∙ I think binary opposites can be seen clearly in some of characters ’ traits ‚ acts and behaviors ∙ For example ꞉ if one of characters cannot sit ‚the other cannot stand ∙ If one is short
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Vladimir ꞉ In a single night 
Estragon ꞉ It must be the spring 

Vladimir represents the leader while Estragon represents the weaker among the two of them that because he has no memory at all  I think binary opposition is an effective tool in ‛ Waiting for Godot’ ∙ It shows the different side of each character in this play ∙ Vladimir has actions and traits which are opposite to that of Estragon and vice versa ∙

Moreover ‚ we can notice binary opposition even in appearance of these two main characters ( Vladimir and Estragon )∙ For example ‚ Vladimir is tall and thin ∙ On the other hand ‚ Estragon is short and fat ∙ Also ‚ at level of their feelings we can notice that the only social conscience in the play can be seen in Vladimir∙ Comparing to Estragon’s bad view of humanity∙ He sees people as ‛ ignorant apes ’ ∙ Vladimir expresses a great anger at the way Pozzo treats his slave Lucky∙ Estragon is an impulsive character while Vladimir depicts the intellectual side ∙ Vladimir concerned much with appearances in contrast to Estragon who didn’t concerned much with appearances ∙ Estragon ’s main concern is eating and sleeping ∙
Vladimir and Estragon actions are the antithesis of one another ∙ For example

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