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  • P2P File Sharing

    A Reading Response of “Free TV: File-Sharing and the Value of Television” by Michael Z. Newman Topic: The topic of Newman’s (2012) article presents the ever-changing value of TV shows as a public and private commercial enterprise. Modern TV shows have become private commercial property of TV networks, but the availability of “pirated” TV shows in P2P file-sharing networks has decreased their value. Ironically, the success of P2P file sharing has legitimized TV as a new “negotiation” of value in an age of digital convergence. Therefore, the “topic” of this article dictates the changing value systems of TV through the context of legal and illegal P2P file sharing networks that disseminate higher quality TV shows to the public. Outline of Thesis:…

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  • The Importance Of File Sharing In The Internet

    In today’s digital world, the process of creating, discovering and sharing knowledge as well as the avoidance and misuse of file sharing often tests the limits of technology. Computer networks throughout college campuses frequently reproduce and distribute copyrighted music, movies, books, television shows, and software through the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. A peer-to-peer, or “P2P,” file transfer service allows the user to share computer files through the Internet.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of File Sharing

    The revolution of illegal music sharing started in May 1999, when Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker launched software called Napster, a file sharing application through the Internet. In less than a year, Napster allowed more than 20 million people to share music in mp3 format, making it the most popular file sharing software on the Internet at that time. This huge community caused a major issue for the music industry. Since 1999, many sharing programs, which are copycats of Napster, have come and…

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  • Peer File Sharing Research Paper

    The Legality of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and its Effects on the Media Industry The introduction of the internet to mainstream America was a marvelous time. It ushered in an era of interconnectedness and open communication. The internet also facilitated the transfer of information from one side of the world to the other. But as it seems with every new technology, people quickly began to exploit the abilities of the internet for their own personal, and commonly illegal, purposes. Along with…

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  • Peer File Sharing In The Music Industry

    including peer-to-peer file sharing. Peer-to-peer file sharing is the sharing of digital media through the Internet. When an individual searches for digital media files through p2p software, they are given many options to choose from and download straight to their computer. Although file sharing is convenient and a lot of the times cost-free, many major concerns arise such as piracy and the downfall of the music industry. The music industry has faced piracy prior to the age of the Internet by…

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  • NT1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

    Recommendations In order to improve upon the vulnerabilities of the file sharing peer to peer networks many actions are needed beginning with the traditional client server model. This specific problem is what lead to Napster 's ultimate undoing. After a court ordered ruling that what Napster was doing was indeed a violation of copyrighted material it was very easy for the authorities to control the data stored on Napster 's server. By ordering Napster’s to shut down its central server the…

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  • The Role Of Censorship In The Music Industry

    utilization of the internet, people would have to purchase their music in the stores. Regardless of the sales, the musicians made substantially more in profit than they do today. Musicians are losing money on a daily basis due to music piracy. Artist have been forced to turn to the courts for retribution. While several other artists have sought solace in confronting the websites that continually provide their music for free or veritably close to free. Peer to peer is abbreviated P2P. The words…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Regulating Internet Piracy

    By having hackers and other advanced technology people will always find a way to alter software, and download music or movies files. But if the government could regulate the internet more the pirarcy rate in most countries would significantly decrase. The governmet would help the music and movie industry, and even other businesses save profits. Internet piracy has become an big issue in the world and because this issue compianes have taken the action to rigged their hardware and software to…

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  • Piracy And Affecting Music Industry By Beverly Storrs: Article Analysis

    user-friendly program to transfer and download these files. Napster, a peer-to-peer (P2P) program, allowed online users to connect with one another and swap copyrighted music, videos, and other files contained on their computers, thus providing a way to get free music online” (Bender 2009). Unfortunately, because of the rise of Napster this has caused a decrease in music sales. From 2000, Worldwide music sales have plummeted from 27 billion dollars to 15 billion dollars in 2010. In the United…

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  • Podcasting Research Paper

    content and programming than radio does. And best of all, with podcasting, you can download whatever programming you want and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. This anywhere, anytime freedom is the main attraction of podcasting. The most common file forms for podcasting are audio or video but the files could be of any file type including images and PDF. There are three main types of podcast: Audio only: These are like radio. They…

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