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  • Eat Bulaga Case Study

    Chapter I. Introduction Background of the Study Eat Bulaga is a staple in noontime television for Filipinos. Staying on air for almost four decades, Eat Bulaga first aired on July 30, 1979, being the the longest running noontime variety show in the Philippines (Carvajal 2016). Eat Bulaga captured the tastes of the audience for entertainment and introduced a number of segments such as the iconic “Laban o Bawi,” “Pinoy Henoy,” “Little Miss Philippines,” “That’s My Boy,” “Teevee Babe,” “Mr. Pogi” and the recent “Kalyaserye” featuring the “Aldub” love team (WikiPilipinas 2007). Aside from these entertainment offerings, Eat Bulaga also brought innovative segments focusing on social responsibility. These segments include “EBest Scholars,” a 30th anniversary celebration of the noontime show wherein 30 excellent high school students were awarded with scholarship and financial assistance (Salterio 2013). Also, Eat Bulaga created the “Plastic ni Juan” project under the “Sugod Bahay sa Barangay” segment which encouraged viewers to collect and donate plastics bottles for recycling and making armchairs for public schools (Manila Standard Showbitz, 2016). The most innovative segment of Eat Bulaga would be “Super Sireyna,” the first transgender pageant in noontime shows. Introduced in 1990s, “Super Sireyna” was one of Eat Bulaga’s remarkable segments which "appreciated and highlighted the beauty, talent, and capabilities of its transgender women contestants" (Requesto 2015, 1). Revived in…

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  • The Venus Project Analysis

    they need. Likewise, making money waste materials that we could utilize for important uses. Last but not least, if money is taken out we can have a fair economy. Life without money can create a world of freedom as long as we’re willing to change it. As stated earlier one reason there should be no more money is that there would be no robberies. To begin, some might ask, ‘’Why would there be no robbery?’’ Well if there is no money everyone can have what they need. If you have what you need do you…

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  • Bbvp Essay

    Shared cars usually occupy dedicated parking spot, users using an electronic key to access the car they booked, and the car must be returned to that specific sopt once the booking is complete. The PEVSP is based on an on-demand, no reservation system. Users can check out a PEVSP vehicle while they get in the station, without preparing and waiting. Instant access to a shared vehicle provides great convenience to user, just like using their private vehicles. This is a critical characteristic to…

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  • Mobile Phone Effects

    Due to advancement in technology, human beings got the privilege of using cell phones. Mobile phones are considered to be the most effective gadget as compare to the other gadgets. Ithas made everything easier and reduce the human efforts and moreover it is considered to be the fastest way of communication. The mobile phones are widely spread throughout the world in 1990 in United States, firstly. To connect mobile phones, mobile towers are used and transfer information from one place to…

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  • Theme Of Symbolism In Greasy Lake

    In the story Greasy Lake written by T. Coraghessan Boyle, the author tells the story of three boys and their thirst for being bad. As the boys have learned, they are capable of evil that they couldn’t have even dreamed of. Throughout the story, there are symbols that are in direct correlation with the word “evil” and well as escape and relief from it. First symbol was the keys to the car, which were lost and later found, kind of like a jail cell and being stuck in there (the lake) until unlocked…

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  • Tracheostomy Care Essay

    Each station has various types of tracheostomy tubes on the table so they can hold it, manipulate it and visually see the differences. Each station also has a mannequin with a tracheostomy with an oxygen delivery system, as well as cleaning supplies and suctioning supplies. Participants should hold and manipulate the items, getting comfortable with each one. Each participant should take turns practicing trach care and suctioning. While participants are at are the stations, circulate answering…

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  • Personal Narrative: Journey To The Destination Of Culture

    Mexican guitar. They stayed on the train for five stops and played mariachi music. While they were performing, most passengers were attentive and aware of the cultural music. When they exited, a homeless man entered the train and automatically I could see the difference between the No.7 train and the Manhattan subway. On the No.7 train, the man entered told his story and most lessoned. As he went around many offered spare change and food. Even though most on the train didn 't speak English, they…

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  • Hills Like White Elephants Commentary

    The barren hills of white elephants represent the failure of a choice. Where one or both of those involved doesn’t get what they desire or in the way it was desired. Using the crime metaphor again, one or both of them being caught by police. While the fertile lands and trees is the decision baring the sought after goal. The happiness they both can share in a way both will be happy. Again using crime, they both got away scot free. The train station to others was the current point of the argument.…

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  • The History Of Worcester's Union Station

    We interact and experience architecture every day. It is physically impossible not to and because of this, it is incredibly easy to take it for granted and to forget about all the thought and care that was taken to create such huge feats. Worcester’s Union Station is located directly off of highway 190 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thousands of people pass by it on a daily basis without even realizing that it is something more than a “pretty train station”. Before we begin, let’s answer the…

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  • Public Transportation In The United States

    The transportation need of older adults in the United States has grown as the population rose by 9.7% between 2000 and 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013). According to Rosenbloom, many older adults in the United States prefer to drive instead of using public transportation system. According Rosenbloom only eight percent of older adults over the age of 65 uses the transportation system in comparison to sixty percent of older adults in the same age group that drives (2009). Some of the challenges…

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