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  • The Venus Project Analysis

    stations. In brief, if there would be no money this would eliminate robbery. People could get what everything they need. To begin, getting what you need is getting what you want. This could eliminate stress that people get from debt. When people are renting they have to pay water and electricity bills which cause stress. If money is taken out people’s view, they can live happier and stress free lives. Meanwhile, people think too much about money and not their family. These days we have so much technology that it is taking over the public's lives. In addition, people want too many things and they don’t consider what they need. For instance, if there is no money and you get what you need you can survive, by this I mean people want Hot Cheetos but you don’t really need that to survive. What you need is healthy food, a house and other things like that. As a result, people will be more considerate of what they need. When money is made we are wasting valuable materials. To start,on order to make paper money, they use 75% cotton and 25% linen fibers. To make pennies they use copper-plated zinc, to make a dollar coin they use manganese-brass. Dimes, half-dollars, quarters, and nickels are all made of cupro-nickel. We are wasting cotton which can be used to make clothes and blankets to keep us warm. We can use metals to make more machines and technology to suit our lives. Some people think that people can’t live without money, they say that we need money so that we have no…

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  • Analysis Of A Bag Of Potato Chips

    Overall, the difference in the labeled weight and the recorded weight was not significant. Instead, the largest difference, which was Cheetos Puffs at 1.7g, is only slightly heavier than half of a new U.S. penny, which is 1.25g. For this reason and the data in the tables, it is safe to conclude that a bag of chips does not contain its labeled amount, yet there is not a significant difference to assume a quality…

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  • Thermodynamics Of Cheetos Essay

    Thermodynamics of Cheetos Purpose: to analyze the caloric content of snack foods, by determining the calories of heat given off by a Cheeto, or other snack foods, as it burns. Procedure: The food sample (Cheeto) was placed on a food holder, and the initial combined mass of the food holder and the Cheeto was measured and recorded. Using a graduated cylinder, 50-100 milliliters (ml) of water was measured and added to an empty soda can that was cut in half and cleaned. The soda can was…

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  • Calorimetry Lab

    The objective of the lab was to find the calorie content of Cheetos and marshmallows. To do this we needed to use a calorimeter. The hypothesis was that Cheetos would have more calories because they have more fat in them. The Cheetos and marshmallows were lit and put in an oatmeal can calorimeter. The temputure change in the water leads to finding the calories in food. Cheetos had about 3x the amount of calories at 1.66 calories per gram compared to marshmallows 0.57 calories per gram. With this…

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  • Rodney The Porcupine Analysis

    He especially enjoyed Hot Cheetos. With every crunchy bite of Cheeto, his stomach would erupt in a spasm of excitement, regardless of what his burning tongue would say. The cheesy, spicy, and mouth-watering flavor of Hot Cheetos had the capability to send poor Rodney into a food coma. More often than not, Rodney would wake up inside of the Cheetos bag covered in crumbs and vibrant red cheese powder. Upon awakening, Rodney felt as if he had drank too much alcohol, but he would eventually…

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  • The Influence Of Food Deserts

    left with, are often expensive fast food items and the overpriced processed goods in convenience stores. Often most Americans are led by the misconception that processed foods are cheaper than healthier alternatives. However, this is because of the way that health specialist measured the value compared to the number of calories within a specific item. But what health specialist cannot measure however is the amount of sustainable energy that specific items have vs another. For example, let’s say…

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  • Subculture Study

    stock vial with hot cheeto and a stock vial of wild type Drosophila melanogaster. We began our study of hot cheeto, a bristle mutation, by setting up subcultures of the mutant. We used the hot cheeto stock to create a new subculture to collect virgin females to be used for the genetic crosses. To reduce the chance of infection when creating subcultures, we disinfected the workplace station with a solution of 70% ethanol. Flies were anesthetized using the FlowBuddy device which regulates the…

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  • Comparison Of Firefox And Little Cheese

    I’LL SEE MY OLD FRIENDS!!!” Firefox said. “OKAY BE QUIET!” He yelled “NO!” Firefox yelled at him “Stop yelling, you two.” Erabelle said. FOXEST 10th Today is the first day of school and they have to drive to school. Firefox’s room number is 11, and her teacher is Miss Foxnee. Little Cheesepuff’s room number is 18, his teacher is Ms.Xof. Firefox saw her old friends, Fenny, she is the same age and grade as Firefox. She is a Fennec Fox. Fortay, he is a Gray Fox, also…

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  • Dont Blame The Eater Obesity

    Diet is not a good diet to be eating. For many generations we have been eating all this unhealthy and fattening food, but we never stopped to question why the food industry produced bad food and why we are still eating it. Well here’s why. In the article “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food”, Michael Moss, a New York Times investigative reporter states that, “the food technicians stopped worrying about inventing new products and instead embraced the industry’s most reliable method…

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  • Crispy Vs Crunchy Food

    1. Crispy/Crunchy Foods: a. Lay’s potato chip: Original (Fried): This chip have light yellow color, it crunchy but not too much, still can feel the softness when we eat. It make a sound when we eat but not too loud. The chip tasted salty and we can feel or tasted the salt cover it. Baked: This chip is the no.1 about the crunchy in this 3 example. The color of the baked chip is yellow, and the tasted is salty, make big noise when we eat. Stax: Crunchy just after the Baked chip, it salty and…

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