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  • Diversity In Arthropod Communities

    Introduction The diversity of arthropods extends beyond the location factor alone as multiple influences such as humidity levels, atmospheric content and other environmental conditions contribute to their widespread assortment. Gaps in diversity indices do not only occur amongst insect populations residing at regionally distinct locations as these influences are also reflected in arthropod communities over small distances. Climatic conditions often lead to insect migrations and extinctions which allows the level of diversity of insects in communities to reflect variations in climatic conditions in different regions (Reich et al. 2014). As results for several studies indicate, the diversity rates of arthropods face variations based on ecological disturbances along with the regional changes in species pools (Hawksworth 2007). Distinctive species and subspecies of arthropods thrive in varying environments as the preferences of each insect type are not identical. Extreme temperature levels, light intensities and atmospheric content as a result of pollution may prove to be deadly for most insect populations, while some species of extremophile insects are able to withstand such harsh conditions without any difficulty. Therefore, current changes in the temperature levels resulting from global warming could determine the changes in the distribution of insects over different regions (Whittaker 2001). Mitchell (2014) states that agricultural landscapes do not remain constant as their…

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  • Questions On Bottled Water

    of time between the purchase date and the date of receiving a refund check? a. 2 weeks + 4 weeks + 1 week b. 30 days + 4 weeks + 1 week c. 2 weeks + 6 weeks + 1 week d. 30 days + 6 weeks + 1 week 48. A refund for this purchase could be denied if the customer a. failed to circle the model and serial numbers on the sale receipt. b. used the product exclusively for 3 weeks c. does not normally use a post office box. d. did not include the guarantee statement when returning product. 1.…

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