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  • Neanderthals

    around 40,000 years ago. Since the first Neanderthal remains were excavated from a limestone quarry in Germany’s Neander Valley in the middle of the 19th century, the question of how these remarkable hominids met their demise has engaged the imagination of archaeologists and laypeople alike. This paper seeks to answer two questions. First, to what extend did humans and Neanderthals interbreed during their period of coexistence? Second, what factors gave human beings migrating into Europe from…

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  • The Neanderthal Migration

    Since I am a physical anthropology concentration, I’m planning to do my research on the Neanderthal speech gene. This research will most likely be a literature review, if possible I hope there are ways for me to do field work on this topic. Since Neanderthal were the last common ancestors of Homo sapiens, they have a lot more in common than the other species they diverged from. Modern humans are probably the only animal that uses language to communicate with each other, but the question that…

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  • What Are Neanderthals?

    “Researchers from the Muséum National histories Naturelle in Paris said it suggests the early human ancestors settled in areas where they built structures to live for extended periods of time” (Buckland). These researchers have found evidence that Neanderthals hunted mammoths and used their bones to create circular houses. Neanderthals would wrap and tie animal hide on themselves and that would be considered what they wore for clothes, they also used fire for warmth, cook food, and used it for…

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  • Neanderthal Research Paper

    Oklahoma State University Neanderthals: No… They are not your neighbors, but they are your relatives. Emily Cooper Environmental Sociology 4433-01 Dr. Kennedy 11-17-14 Neanderthals were a close cousin to us, anatomically modern humans, and looked very much like us. This paper will discuss who physically the Neanderthals were, their culture, and how they interacted with humans and their environment leading up to their extinction. Homo neanderthalensis is the genus and…

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  • Essay On Neanderthals

    neanderthalensis or Neanderthals, an ancient primitive form of human. They adapted physically and culturally to the ice age conditions that prevailed during much of their time. 10,000 years later the Neanderthals vanished and has been a mystery. Although some sources considered the Neanderthals were primitive with no language, art, stupid presence and no personality, scientists have discovered that the Neanderthals were actually intelligent and had used language, symbols and art like human. They…

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  • Neanderthals Essay

    Why Neanderthals became extinct? The evolution of man, a three million journey from the branches of Africa to a civilization. The prehistoric times included drastic change, environment, planet, climate, tools, clothing and much more which helped shaped the civilization in the present. From the Hominid family tree it is a mystery when one of the members Neanderthals disappeared and left Homo sapiens to rule the world on their own. Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis or also known by the…

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  • Neanderthals Culture

    Neanderthals Culture Neanderthals cultures share several similarities in traditions and belief of today’s cultures such as burial ceremony, created tools, artistic accomplishments, representational or symbolic behaviors, and clothing, most specially their aptitudes and capabilities of speech. Some site of family graves were found—much more like specific area for grave plots, and around the grave were indication of flower pollens which may perhaps means they buried their dead family member…

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  • Physical Characteristics Of Neanderthal

    The Homo neanderthalensis or Neanderthal is an extinct species that is commonly referred as the “cave man”. It is said to be one of the closest related to modern humans with a small genetic difference in their DNA. The species was believed to have continued to live for hundreds of thousands of years in tremendously severe conditions. Physical Characteristics Even though the Neanderthal and Human are said to be closely related, the Neanderthal differs from the human in many factors. One of…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In The Neanderthal

    The Neanderthal subsistence portrayed in the film is also questionable. Researchers and archaeological anthropologists have found that the Neanderthals were predominantly meat-eaters and were skilled hunters; dissimilar to what was portrayed in the film. The Ulam tribe was shown to be predominantly plant eaters, and rarely in the film were they shown to be hunting for food or eating meats. According to the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, the physiological stress induced by cold…

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  • Neanderthal Argumentative Essay

    “What A Neanderthal!” This essay explores the widespread misconception regarding Homo Neanderthalensis, an extinct ‘cousin’ of the early modern human ancestors. The commonly held idea is that they were a drastically unintelligent species. The lesser known reality is that the Neanderthal was just as intelligent as the early modern humans that existed around the same time. The fallacies involved are bias consideration of evidence, overgeneralization, and common belief. Oftentimes, the name…

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