Necessary and sufficient condition

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  • Locke Personal Identity Theory Analysis

    One problem in Locke’s ideas is whether or not consciousness alone is a necessary condition for sameness of personal identity, meaning that an individual is only the same person if they have a conscious memory of an action performed by them. By Locke’s logic, any individual in the future could have a conscious memory of an action performed by another individual from these times, and therefore be the same person, but not the same human – and therefore would not be punished for any negative actions performed by the individual from the past. However, Locke also wrote that it is possible for substance and personal identity to transfer to other humans, which would mean that in the future another individual could be punished for the other individual’s actions even though they have no conscious memory of ever having performed it. These reasons suggest that unlike Locke argues, having a conscious memory of the past alone, cannot be the only necessary condition for being the same person. This is because there are many scenarios where most would consider an individual the same person, but they may not be conscious of it, and there are many scenarios where a person appears to have a conscious memory of being someone else, but is not the same person. Furthermore…

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  • John Stuart Mill On Liberty Summary

    ID Number: 160026059 Tutorial Name and Code: Moral and Political Controversies PY1011 Tutor Name: Ravi Thakral Essay Question: Mill might object to Waldron’s anti-constitutionalism by saying that it increases the likelihood of a tyranny of the majority. Construct an objection along these lines on Mill’s behalf and discuss whether it successfully undermines Waldron’s position. Essay Title: A Sufficient, Mill-inspired response to Waldron’s Anti Constitutionalism I hereby declare that the…

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  • Explain The Six Conditions Of Counselling

    In this assignment I will look at Rogers’ s six conditions and why they are considered necessary and sufficient for therapeutic change. I will also consider the implications of this theory for counsellor education. After a short amount of time studying Person Centred Counselling the understanding of how the six conditions are necessary and sufficient is starting to emerge and become a real part of my conscious actions and way of being. Each of the six conditions come with their own…

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  • Define Personal Identity

    The specific criteria of personal identity regards the essential conditions for a person at one point in time to be the same person at another later point in time. Further, the concepts involved in one’s mental characteristics will be discussed to determine if these criteria suffice in what defines personal identity. Regarding mental characteristics, we will examine an individual’s psychological traits which are developed through his or her past experiences and genetic predispositions.…

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  • Wireless Communication Gap Analysis

    the sufficient conditions for keeping the functionality of a WSN. Since the data aggregated by a WSN has to be forwarded to the processing…

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  • Piety And Impiety In Euthyphro

    Put into other words, it seems Socrates is edging upon a cause and effect principle. Affectively he is saying that a thing’s being acted on in a certain way explains why it has an altered condition, where as a thing’s being in an altered condition does not explain why it underwent the process which resulted in that alteration. However, things being carried are altered by being carried, a necessary condition for it to be considered a carried thing, while a thing that is loved does not need to be…

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  • Language Center Case Study

    As for my own learning and growth I am self motivated, as I would assume most people that would come to the Language center would be. In that case I don 't believe small compartmentalized rooms are all that necessary, a lecture style classroom may work as well. How often will you be visiting the Center? That all depends on the season, in the summer months I would have the availability to be there more often since I have more flexibility in the summer than I during t he school year.…

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  • Essay On Defarcation Problem

    boundary between science and pseudoscience. Despite the substantial efforts putting into the demarcation problem, none of those well-known demarcation criteria successfully classify science or pseudoscience. The failure to provide a universally accepted demarcation, or at least gain acceptance from a majority of the community, leads to two assumptions: the unique features shared by all sciences are not yet found; alternatively, there is no such criteria distinguish science and pseudoscience,…

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  • Merrick's Argument Against Criterialism False?

    is false and include the example of the prince and the cobbler as well as citations of hypothetical examples of fission and fusion. Lastly, I will present a possible objection against my own argument. II. Summary Criterialism is the doctrine that states that there are necessary and sufficient conditions that contain information for identity over time. Therefore criterialists believe that there is personal identity over time or identity that persists over time. This…

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  • Essay On Justified True Belief

    until Gettier published his paper “Is Justified true belief knowledge?”, since then many philosophers have looked to refine the definition of knowledge. In this essay, I will be constructing Gettier cases to show that one can have a justified true belief (JTB) in X without knowing X. I will then analyse these cases with common criticisms and defences of them, subsequently, I will present an alternative view to the justification component of Knowledge. According to the Platonic definition, A…

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