Negative predictive value

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  • The Morse Fall Risk Assessment

    four weeks, and if the patient had a fall incident or was discharged, the assessment was dismissed. In order to determine which scale was the best of three, sensitivity, specificity and positive and negative predictive values were assessed. The Morse Fall Scale yielded t he highest sensitivity, and the Bobath Memorial Hospital Fall Risk Assessment Scale yielded the lowest sensitivity. In this study, the Morse Fall Scale was the most reliable source. Even though it has lower risk factors addressed, it has high validity in determining fall risk for older hospitalized patients (Kim et. al, 2011). In a study conducted by Nassar et. al in 2014, the Morse Fall Scale was compared with the Hendrich II Fall Risk model in Lebanon. The study included all patients that were newly admitted on the medical, surgical, oncological and critical care units, which yielded a total of 1815. Five different nurses assessed fall risks for both scales on the same six patients upon admission. In order to determine which tool is best, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value were calculated. The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model scored higher in both sensitivity and specificity than the Morse Fall Scale. Based on the results of the study, the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model is more predictive of falls, and is the better scale to use. Also, even though it is the better model in this case, it is not perfect and therefore should not be relied on independently (Nassar et. al, 2014).…

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  • Diagnostic Considerations In Nursing Case Studies

    Physical findings and tests reduce indecision on whether the patient has the given condition or not (Bickley, 2013b), However sensitivity and specificity should be considered to avoid false diagnosis (Bickley, 2013b). Tests sensitivity refers to accurately being positive in individuals with the disease, while, specificity refers to individuals with out the disease shown as true negatives (Bickley, 2013b). Together, the higher the specificity and sensitivity the more accurate the test is, and the…

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  • Random Forest Essay

    Random forest is used in this paper but usually to predict via using univariate method. But this time they used a multivariate method that being Random Forest. Random forest is good for microarray data and shows when the predictive data is “noisy, it can be used when the number of variables is much larger than the number of observations.” Their results in this paper showed that random forest has comparable performance compared to others including SVM and KNN. It also tells us that the gene…

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  • Enrollment Management Essay

    appreciation, and reconsideration, but also be willing to replace those individuals subsequently identified as deterrents to success for the team (Westman & Bouman, 2005). Enrollment Projections, Predictive Modeling, and Territories Creating a method to track enrollment can provide enrollment managers a snapshot of projections for upcoming enrollment, and allow for more precise budgeting using the predictive model. Enrollment predictors can be created and tracked using simple software such as…

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  • Star Alliance Case Study

    Background Star Alliance has approximately 250,000 questionnaires that have been collected from Alliance carriers. To put the value of this data in perspective, many life-saving drugs on sale today with a value in the billions of dollars, have been analyzed with less than 1/10th or less of data that Star Alliance has available. Although many predictive analysis and modeling techniques have been available for decades, the time and resources to internally plot all of the potential relationships…

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  • Nursing Informatics Report

    Participants were asked about the role of technology in nursing informatics (see Appendix A). Nursing informatics technology was viewed as voice recognition (10%), predictive modeling (50%), personalized healthcare (30%), medical device integration (10%). Barriers to technology (see Appendix B) were described as lack of management support (30%), lack of effective project management (30%), lack of common standards (20%) and lack of commitment from clinicians (20%). What is the impact of…

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  • Genetic Testing Advantages And Disadvantages

    Huntington disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting 1 in every 10,000 individuals (Halpin, 2011). Genetic predictive testing is a good option for at-risk individuals to know if they will develop the disease. Therefore in this paper, I will discuss HD genetic testing advancements, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the test. HD is an inherited neurological disorder that results in involuntary movements as well as cognitive and psychiatric disturbances (Warby et al.,…

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  • Big Data Predictive Analysis

    Predictive analytics can be used which allows businesses to extract big data and analyze it to better understand customers. This analysis is a game changer for businesses because it allows them to make predictive models that will help them serve their customers better. This business strategy is important as it provides the data they need to make predictions for the future and it gives them the ability to modify when results are affected. In order to take this strategy into consideration, firms…

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  • Who Is Iago's Loyalty In Othello

    creates something of beauty. Whilst in prison a flower gets dropped into his cell. Peering out the gaol window he sees his girlfriend. See gets noticed and while a crowd forms around a miracle occurs. Belonging Zero is the story of a group of people who get discriminated for being the lowest number. Alienation is present through most of the film as Zero constantly get bullied, suppressed and subjugated into be told how to live. “He learnt important life lessons like his value in society and…

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  • Math Misconceptions Essay

    Instead of commanding the presence of the room in the mathematics lesson, instead take an alternative approach to allow students active participation by asking open ending questions, as opposed to complete control and closed ended questions. (Wood, 1988). This allows the discussion to flow more freely as the students’ feel more comfortable expressing their opinions. Students’ needs to gain a visual of a number line, to see that it does not only consist of positive numbers, and there is another…

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