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  • Screen Time Argument

    Comparatively, the screen time argument is something that everyone can determine for themselves, whether it be good or bad, yet the facts mustn’t be set aside. The media naturalness theory asks the important question that follows: “What should happen when we selectively suppress face-to-face communication elements (e.g., colocation, the ability to employ facial expressions, etc.) through e-communication technologies?” (Kock pg. 2). Realistically, there must be an answer as to what happens when we suppress face-to-face communication through e-communication technologies such as (e-mail, video games, and smartphones). The Media Naturalness Theory brings up the examples of colocation (business) and the ability to employ facial expressions, which…

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  • True History Of The Kelly Gang Character Analysis

    Along with these historical moments being adjusted to better fit a narrative, Carey’s incorporation of magical realism compels the narrative to drift further from being a fact-based to more of a folkloric piece. These elements include the banshee, rat catcher, and a magnificent horseman who appears as a “wraith-like boy” (Clancy 175). The newspaper articles from The Jerilderie Gazette and The Morning Chronicle are also used to show the subjectivity experienced by Ned Kelly. In an interview with…

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  • Our Sunshine Text Analysis Essay

    Robert Drewe’s 1991 novel Our Sunshine explores the insights of the famous outlaw, Ned Kelly. The text perceives Ned in a way we have never seen him before, changing the way the public views Ned forever. Our sunshine is a re-written version of Ned Kelly’s life which Drewe successfully achieves, the uses of textual themes complimented with language techniques and dominant themes are portrayed within the text. The theme of loyalty is continuously brought up in the novel and the techniques of…

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