Necrotizing fasciitis

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  • Necrotizing Fasciitis Essay

    Introduction Necrotizing Fasciitis is known as a “flesh-eating” bacterium that can destroy skin, fat, and the tissue covering a person’s muscles. Studies have shown that there are many different factors that come into play for contracting this disease and multiple risks that can put someone at a higher chance for getting it. In addition, there are various treatment options depending on the severity of the condition and different outcomes. This infection, although rare, can be extremely helpful to a Public Health professional’s career and their goal of educating the public and spreading awareness in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Background Necrosis of subcutaneous tissue and fascia is a condition called Necrotizing Fasciitis, or…

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  • Essay On Necrotizing Fasciitis

    NECROTIZING FASCIITIS This is an uncommon disease. Necrotizing Fasciitis is also known as a flesh-eating bacteria disease. This affects every 1 out of 4 people. Some symptoms of this disease are weak immune system, consumption of steroid medicines, has surgical cuts or injuries on parts of their body, or had been affected by chicken pox recently. This bacteria destroys and eats up fat, skin and the tissue covering the muscle of a particular part of the body, and can occur anywhere in the body.…

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  • Vulnificus Research Paper

    consuming raw or undercooked oysters during the 7 days preceding illness onset [19]. The median age of patients with primary bacteremia is 54 years, and 89% of the patients are men [20]. Raw oyster consumers who have chronic liver disease are 80 times more likely to develop this infection and 200 times more likely to die from this infection, compared with those without chronic liver disease [21]. With this syndrome, the common clinical signs consist of high fever, chills, shock, skin/soft-tissue…

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  • Necrotizing Fasciitis Research Paper

    Necrotizing fasciitis is a form of soft tissue infection that can destroy the tissue in your skin as well as your muscles and the tissue under your skin. Necrotizing fasciitis is usually caused by an infection with group A Streptococcus, and usually called a “flesh-eating bacteria.” This is the fastest moving kind of the infection. When this infection is caused by other types of bacteria, it typically doesn’t spread and grow as quickly and isn’t as dangerous. While A Streptococcus is the most…

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  • Necrotizing Fasciitis: Article Analysis

    This article is about Lorin Madsen, who contracted Necrotizing fasciitis after she fell in a parking lot and skinned her arm. It discussed how many people were had to be amputated or worse killed due to this, because there was no real way to cure this infection. It usually treated with surgical excision and antibiotics, but the death rate is still to 70%. After many attempts on Lori Madsen to cure the infection her situation started to become worse until she was introduced to Dr. John Crew. He…

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  • Negative Effects Of ESWT Essay

    It works with pressure waves generated outside of the body to target damaged tissues. High-energy acoustic waves (shock waves) distribute a mechanical force to the body’s tissues. (Lohrer, Nauck, Korakakis & Malliaropoulos, 2016). The first use of this modality was in the disintegration of the kidney stone or renal calculi. After that, it has been implemented as a therapeutic modality in some musculoskeletal conditions. The use of this modality is not extensive here in the United States, but it…

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  • Plantar Fasciitis Research Papers

    " I said. "You're going to a podiatrist to get your feet checked out," My mom said. I went to the foot doctor(podiatrist) he confessed, "You have Planter Fasciitis and you have arthritis in your toes". I was so disappointed to hear this because this is a long term pain that I will have to learn to live with. The doctor gave me several options that I could use to slightly fix my Plantar Fasciitis. Me and my family decided that I would try the custom inserts…

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  • Causes Of Foot Injury Essay

    tendon on the outside of the foot causing pain on side of foot and just by the front of the heel 9. Corns - often from tight fitting shoes that put pressure on the toes BOTTOM OF FOOT 1. Plantar fasciitis - heel spurs - heel pain: these are all types of foot pains you may experience on the bottom of the foot. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up normal activities such as walking, because of these causes; sometimes the pain is aggravated by wearing thin sole shoes or weight bearing for a long…

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  • Foot Pain Essay

    This article is all about the remedies of it. What is plantar fasciitis? Do you feel excessive pain or stiffness beneath your heel or feet? This disturbance could be inflammation of the tissue in the feet that connects the heel bone with the toe. The tissue or ligament is known as plantar fascia, and the symptom is called plantar fasciitis. The swelling is caused commonly by some or the other injury or poorly maintained body or leg postures. Sometimes a muscular imbalance in the hips or pelvis…

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  • MRSA: Skin Infection Of The Heart

    Blackburn 1 MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) has become one of the fastest growing bacteria of the decade. This infection can only be treated by very powerful antibiotics, but it is resistant to some antibiotics. One out of 20 people will get this infection, most will get it from the hospital, but some can get it even before they reach the hospital grounds. There are four different types of the MRSA infection. The first one is the skin infection or also known as Necrotizing…

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