Necrotizing Fasciitis: Article Analysis

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This article is about Lorin Madsen, who contracted Necrotizing fasciitis after she fell in a parking lot and skinned her arm. It discussed how many people were had to be amputated or worse killed due to this, because there was no real way to cure this infection. It usually treated with surgical excision and antibiotics, but the death rate is still to 70%. After many attempts on Lori Madsen to cure the infection her situation started to become worse until she was introduced to Dr. John Crew. He devised a plan to irrigate the infected areas of her arm, by using a FDA-approved wound cleaner called NeutroPhase, which contained hypoclorous acid in the solution. Even after than the infection began to spread throughout her body, so Dr. John Crew had to think of something else, which would eventually work. He realised he could simply insert a catheter into her arm, and irrigate the infection that way without a huge surgical excision on her body. What was surprising is it healed just a fast as the area that went under …show more content…
I found this interesting cause it brings into light how new treatments are being discovered yearly, and how lives are being saved because of it. Also shows how before people would have to go through huge surgical excisions on the body, and having the risk of losing a limb, and now all they would have to do is make a small excision to put a catheter in the infected area to irrigate the infection. This cuts out the outcomes of having huge scars, and it causes less pain and a speedy recovery within the future. I would definitely recommend this article, because it shows how people can use biology to figure out and come up with new ideas to cure infection such as Necrotizing fasciitis. How in the future how other people, like us, could study biology and learn new treatments in the field of medical

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