Importance Of The Language Exchange Center

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Client Questions

How do you expect the Language Exchange Center to Function?

The language center should function somewhat like a YMCA. It should open to everyone in the community. The center should be an active hub where people gather and learn, and share experiences. The community should have a large part in the way the center functions. The center should almost be able to run on its own. Since this a historic building, are there any artifacts you would like showcased in the space? Yes, I believe should be some artifacts or images in the hallways that represent the history of the building. It is important to pay homage to the grounds and all that the island represents. Maybe some graphic images would suffice. I feel that when you
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Comfort includes perceptions about safety, cleanliness
Since people are increasingly interested in living more meaningful lives. Creating places that offer fresh air, foster creativity and incorporate art and culture help achieve this goal. to create vibrant, and inspiring places where people can learn and live. Well-designed public spaces invite people to gather and connect with each other in meaningful ways. The public squares in many European cities are great examples. People-watching, strolling, meeting with friends, special performances—all of these activities take place in welcoming spaces available to everyone in the community

To make this an inviting space that I would want to go to, It would have to look like somewhere you want to spend your extra time at. Beautiful things attract. Its is important for this community center to be well designed for many reasons. Clearly functionality is key in design, however people want to go to visit a place that is beautiful. You can see the success of restaurants, hotels , lounges ect. all revolves around aesthetics.

What hours will you be working at or visiting the Language Exchange Center? Daytime? Evening?
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As for my own learning and growth I am self motivated, as I would assume most people that would come to the Language center would be. In that case I don 't believe small compartmentalized rooms are all that necessary, a lecture style classroom may work as well. How often will you be visiting the Center?

That all depends on the season, in the summer months I would have the availability to be there more often since I have more flexibility in the summer than I during t he school year.

For what length of time will you be there when you visit? A few hours? Will you make it an all-day Event?

Well, a class would probably run about an hour long so I would say an hour at the least. If there are any kind of activities or gatherings I could be there longer. It all depends on how active the center is.

Who will you be there with? Family? Friends? Solo?

If I am teaching that day, I would most likely come alone. However, it would be nice to bring a family member or friends. I believe spending time with your children or partner learning new things strengthens a bond.

How are your means of transportation? You need to get on a Ferry to get to the island, is this practical, or an

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