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  • American Hustle Feminist Analysis

    later years was when women were getting jobs such as corporate executives, which was beforehand considered a male profession in the 70s and 80s. Yet, there were no well-known cases of how to dress as a businesswoman, therefore, female workers looked at their male co-workers for clues. The pussy bow, which was the female corresponding to the bow or neck tie. The pussy bow was considerably larger than the average size of the man’s neck or bow tie. Morrissey (2013) stated “We used to dress in suits with a skirt and a little bow tie because that was sort of our interpretations of the man’s tie…It was attempted to be feminine, but fit into what was then a male world.” In the image below you’ll see a girl group with the reputable female bow or necktie below. Figure 1 Red Velvet’s Automatic Music Video (Pussy Bow Tie) Now in the modern day feminism, women have more rights than they had before, but there are still some restrictions with it. The idea that the workplace is unbiased is a threat to the progress that companies other businesses that were trying to achieve. However, women made development as an international workplace, but the improvement is losing drive. The wage that women make seventy cents for every dollar may not be the financial actuality, but the wage equality for similar lines of work, is alertly, seventy-two percent. Female workers in the same lines of work as men are still failing to earn as their male co-workers. When people claim that women are only paid…

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  • Ecstasy Of Life: A Short Story

    What is love? Its the uttermost compelling ecstasy of life. Sure I love video game, doing my hair, and buying cloth. However none of those can surpass to the romantic awareness that you have for a certain person. Thus, it ignites a blazing infernal flame within the profoundly heart of the soul. Hence, days of introspecting as I question the attribute and nature of this feeling which I have bred for years. This passion compels myself to be elated when my eye gazes upon him even during the…

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  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is equipment worn to protect a person from being exposed to infectious material, such as blood or other body fluids that contain pathogens. PPE consists of gloves, a cover gown, a surgical mask, and safety goggles. Gloves are used to cover the hands and are worn when there may be contact with blood or body fluids, or when the person has non-intact skin. Cover gowns are used to protect the uniform and body and are worn when splashing of any potentially…

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  • Roy Lichtenstein Stepping Out

    Stepping Out is an art created by Roy Lichtenstein in 1978, 1900 A.D. It was a painting made out of oil and magna on a canvas with a dimension of 86 ¾ x 70 1/8 inches. The painting is portraying two people; a man and a woman with different styles when it comes to their outside appearances, but with the combination of shape and color they had both compliment each other and fill what they are lack of. The types of elements that dominating in this piece are the lines and colors. The…

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  • Before Stonewall

    In the documentary Before Stonewall the experiences of the LGBTQ community throughout the 20th century are highlighted and discussed. The documentary begins in the early 1900’s. Many speakers at the beginning of the film set the stage, stating that during the early 1900’s getting caught as a gay individual meant being arrested, thrown in an asylum, beaten, or even resorting to suicide. The word “homosexual” was thought to be dirty, and individuals who were called homosexual were thought to be…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of TIME Magazine

    frame is an amorphous shadow that largely implies a function as a symbolic visual ideograph exerting rhetorical suggestion in adverting to the imminent political shadow of Trump’s presidency. The fact that the diffuse shadow perhaps deliberately hovers above Trump’s head may delineate that his political endeavors are inordinately “larger than life” and the conspicuous size of the silhouette within a sea of tarnished blue may intimate a perceived domination and menace of Trump ideology in respect…

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  • Drugstore Cowboy Analysis

    just proved that to me that I made the right choice and drugs can ruin lives. 3. Frenzy Frenzy is an interesting film. I do not always enjoy old horror movies due to the limited technology and lack of gruesome murders. As a fan of horror films I feel like I should care more about the older versions of horror films, but in some cases, like Halloween, I enjoy the remakes better. In this case I enjoyed Frenzy even with the limited technology they did have. Part of the reason was probably…

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  • Sipping Something Through The Void Poem Analysis

    twenty-five years.” The ‘big white farmhouse’ could be a symbol of the love of the author, as it gets older it begins to die down but is still there living, even if it is faint or not as strong and passionate as it used to be. Another symbol can be seen when Warren writes, “In a big black Buick, Driven by a big grown boy, with a necktie” The ‘big black Buick’ could be a symbol of the boys childhood and how he didn’t go into grave detail, unlike his mature self. The only thing we know about the…

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  • The Importance Of Discipline In Maritime Schools In The Philippines

    mandated to those students who violated the agreed rules and regulations of the school. The very reason for these disciplinary sanctions is to instill into the students the value of discipline in following the said policies. Okumbe (1998) stated that consequences to the violations are administered to bring about a desirable change in behavior and therefore improving school discipline, if commensurate with the offense committed. Upon entering the school premises, the student is checked whether…

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  • Big Two Hearted River Analysis

    the “Streets that follow like a tedious argument” (Eliot, 2015). As he walks the streets he appears to be bothered by the inability to grab hold of any opportunities or take risks in life and with women. J. Alfred Prufrock, views the world as unchanging. He images the world as being the same tomorrow as it is today and yesterday. For he believes he “known them already, known them all: Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons, . . . measured out my life with coffee spoons” (Eliot, 2015).…

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