Ecstasy Of Life: A Short Story

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What is love? Its the uttermost compelling ecstasy of life. Sure I love video game, doing my hair, and buying cloth. However none of those can surpass to the romantic awareness that you have for a certain person. Thus, it ignites a blazing infernal flame within the profoundly heart of the soul. Hence, days of introspecting as I question the attribute and nature of this feeling which I have bred for years. This passion compels myself to be elated when my eye gazes upon him even during the darkest eternity. Therefore , The need of him keeps pestering my sanity into near madness. Subsequently, years after years I loved him with every part of myself. Hell, I would even relinquish myself to become the devil to protect him.

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“ I have listed at least 20 pro and con to which, if companies that are expanding are the cause and not the cause of environmental issue.” “Good. We have this tournament in the bag.” We discuss and debate with our assign group for the rest of the period. I walk out to where my friend and I hang out as the bell jangled obstreperously an hour later. It 's the right of the auditorium and to the left corner of the gym. 2 girls were waiting in the corner for me. “Hey Pearl and Macy.” I call to them. “Hey, how you 're doing replied?” Replied Pearl and Macy at the same time. Macy and Pearl are identical twin sisters. They both have turquoise eyes, blond hair, and around 5.8ft. I 'm starting to wonder they have the same cognition as they know exactly what each other are thinking. I have known them both since 8th grade. They were relatively bothersome hence, they constantly play around. Both primp identically everyday and as a result, the only way to tell them apart in physical appearance is by the bow tie they wear on their head. Pearl wears a blue theme bow tie while Macy wears a red theme bow tie. One the contrary, I could tell them apart from being with them for so long. Pearl has a slightly higher pitch than Macy. Many people can 't hear the difference, but I

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