Essay On The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid was written in 1836 by the Danish Author Hans Christian Andersen. The story was very popular at that time, It was about one little Mermaid. The little Mermaid was the youngest one out of her five sisters. She was the prettiest and talented out her five sisters. However she had no feet, and her body ended in fish's tail. When she reached fifteen years old, she got a permission to rise up out of the sea. All the conflicts started that moment. One day, she was one young prince and she fall in love with him right away. She saved the prince's life from sinking ship, and she puts him invulnerable place. He never knew that she saved his life. This made her unhappy. She sake to be human to be with the prince and to get immortal life. …show more content…
What's love? Most people believe love is when someone cafe about other people's opinion, needs, beliefs, and feelings. Love also required sacrifice and not giving up on the person that you love. Winston Churchill said, Never give up on something too precious to people, and can't live without them. People should fight for their love.
All people have an ability to interact and share their idea and needs with other people. Communication is the key part to get a successful relationships, but the little Mermaid couldn't express her ideas and love, because she already sacrificed her tongue to get human legs. The prince had only one chance; to marry the princess that his parent's desire. The little Mermaid knew that she will die, if the prince marry the Princess. This made the story totally complicated. The little Mermaid chose death, like Romeo and Juliet; they sacrificed their life to one another. They believed that love is not enough, and they expressed her love by scarifying their lives. In psychology, it called Altruism, which means the beliefs in selfless concern for the well being of others. About 20 percent of people are Altruist. What would be our world, if more than 90 percent of the people at Altruist? We also shouldn't forget all good deeds

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