Informative Essay: What Is Love?

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Love is something we feel towards another person and makes us feel content within our lives. Everyone needs to feel loved and give love to others. Love is a feeling that is deeply felt for another person. Love makes people feel happy because they are being shown that they are cared for. Love can be felt between two or more people whether it is towards your family or your spouse. Love is understanding and un-conditional. Being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand what they are going through is love. If your loved one is becoming distant instead of getting angry and shutting them out you talk to them and try to give them support. You listen to what they are going through and help them with what the problem they are currently going through. Another example is if another person whether your siblings, parents, or spouse is taking their anger and frustration out on you is giving them space. Giving them time to breathe and relax then talking to them and find out what is wrong. Takes time and patience, but at the end of it all you will comprehend what upset them so much and you might even help them understand that the problem might not be so bad. By helping them feel better you will feel better about yourself and both your feelings will be out to ease. This helps both parties feel closer and not judged or hurt. As our everyday lives present new situations or responsibilities there are times where we do not have enough time to always be with our …show more content…
These actions prove that you love this other person(s) as no other. By being more comprehensive to this person(s) needs and placing their happiness and well-being in front of your own shows that they will be loved the right way. Sincere love is one like no other because it is not a question because the one who you are in love with is showing you how much you truly mean to them. This is why love is un-questionable, and

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