Definition Of Love Essay

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Love Love is a tremendous aspect of our everyday life. We hear love in music, we watch shows over love on television, we witness love in our everyday lives, and we feel it ourselves with the special people close to us. I believe love is necessary for humanity. Love offers us a purpose and motivation to please the ones we prominently admire. According to the Webster dictionary, love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. To myself, love cannot be defined in a straightforward sentence. Love goes beyond being a sensation, instead it is a lifestyle change. When one loves someone or something their actions will modify and one considers this love in every decision they choose. Love is a persistent entity that runs through your …show more content…
Love for another person, even family members, is more complicated. There are different levels of love and different types of feelings. The basic levels of human love I consider would be family, friends, spouses, and role models. Family love would be love for our family that is closest to us. One cannot choose our immediate family, so this love is brought onto us the moment we are born. This can create internal and external conflicts because people will struggle between when it is right to accept the love of a family member or realize that they are in the wrong. Equally important, there is a love for friends. This love gives us a desire to be around our friends and we pick multiple friends to love. We usually choose who our friends are and this helps form who we are as people. This friendship love could turn into something more, whether it is family love or relationship love. Relationship love shows more passion and is extremely particular about who receives this love. There are a varying degrees of how strong this emotion is. This feeling grows over time to an unconditional love. However, there are people that believe that they love someone, but in reality they crave to be loved. This would be considered infatuation, not …show more content…
It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different people find different objects and moments beautiful. If the same images were beautiful to everyone, then the whole world would be constantly compared to these specific ideals. Each person who enters this Earth is seen as beautiful by at least someone. What I find beautiful is special in its own way to me, just as what you perceive as beautiful is exceptional as well. With everything that I consider beautiful, I do not think I would be as happy in this world without

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