Most Like An Arch This Marriage Poem Analysis

Everyone in their lifetime have experienced love, whether it is family love, friendship love, romantic love, or conceptual love. In the poem, "Most Like an Arch This Marriage" by John Ciardi defines love through showing commitment, trust, and respect to built a healthy and strong relationship for one another. Love is everlasting and unconditionally satisfying to be with a person or thing you cherish deeply. We all search for love, we are all dedicated to find what completes our lonely hearts in this cruel world.
One of the key factors to love someone is to be able to have commitment. In order to be committed we must show the person that we are willingly sacrificing our time to be in their presence. The time and dedication to be with the one you love and trust can go a long way in life. In John Ciardi’s poem, he stated that “Till we kiss I am no more than upright and unset. It is by falling in and in we make the all-bearing point, for one another’s sake, in faultless
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Sometimes they do not have a choice on who they choose to love. In the poem, “First Love, A Quiz” by A.E Stallings describes how the speaker questions love through her personal experience. According to Stallings, the poem sets the speaker to be a teenager girl experiencing her first love, she mentions a family member’s lust for her as, “he was my uncle the one who lived in the half finished basement, and he took me by the hair”. This stanza, and Stallings description of the scene, implies that she was afraid about what was going to happen, yet she knows nothing can be done. The speaker stated that “I had nothing to lose except my virginity”, means that she knew what was going to happen before the uncle took her down to the basement. The sad truth about love is that it can be very difficult to understand. Sometimes people do not have a choice on who they share their first love with. It can be very dark, lonely, and

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