Rene Magritte's The Lovers

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In every romance or drama movie, the boy meets a girl, boy saves the girl (or vice versa), and then they fall in love. We see this scenario repeated in all sorts of media, but also in our own lives. Why do we fall in love? The answer is not always clear, but one thing for certain is that love is important for us as humans. “The lover” figure exists for us because love is something that all of us are ‘supposed’ to find. Love comes with confusing emotion, characteristics, and feelings. What we fail to understand is that these repercussions are beneficial to us as we learn, grow, and overcome difficult obstacles. We as humans have been brought up around love, and we have been taught that we were born because two people fell in love. We have been …show more content…
With the true meaning of his art being a mystery, there is a large expanse of descriptions throughout the internet. After coming to my own depiction of “The Lovers”, I believe it shows a powerful message that we see a lot in life and relationships. The painting is of a man and a woman embraced in a kiss, with fabric covering both of their faces. While everyone can have their own idea of what this painting means, I feel that it shows the audience that sometimes we are unable to reveal the true nature of our significant other. This painting portrays the lover archetype because it represents many people that are blinded by love. Although this piece of art does not depict the idea of the “fairytale love story”, it shows a more realistic side of love. This love scenario teaches us that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, and the same goes for people and relationships. This side of “the lover” archetype exists because it shows us that love isn’t always happy and perfect like we imagine …show more content…
Although the film yielded substantial worldwide profits, critics focused more on the narrative of a love story rather than the special effects (Davis 1). The author of this article explains how the two lovers overcome class differences, and that love will always find its way. Although the review of critics is mentioned in this article, the narrative love story between Jack and Rose is hit hard. The author ignores the critical reviews and states that Cameron’s work created a greater connection between the story and the viewer. The tragic images of an elderly couple sharing their last embrace, and a mother reading a book to her daughter before the ship sinks below. Overall, without the sentimental scenes, the viewers would not have created a strong emotion towards the film (Davis

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