The Role Of Love In 'Conference Of The Birds'

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The Role of Love
Love is defined as a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. It is the most powerful of all magic. It brings hope and joy into people’s life. However, it brings heartbroken feelings as well. We all in our lives have felt its ups and downs, so we thought that we could understand love easily when it appeared in literature. But it is changes all the time with different characters or social environments. The Conference of the Birds and The Story of Layla and Majnun both described love at great length, the role of love is different in every story of the two books since the characters, social status and event their background are all different from each other. It
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But I thought if there are more love and from other people, this love story, or even the two main characters’ destinies could have been changed. I would define this kind of love from people around Layla and Majnun as caring and understanding. In my opinion, the tragedy of their love story comes from three main social aspects, they are parents, the public and their friends. People may wonder why I have this idea that their parents don’t love them, on the contrast, Layla and Majnun’s parents were trying to provide them the most precious things all the time. My answer is, that kind of love without understanding and communication is not the right kind of love. After Layla told her mom what was in her heart about Qays, she wanted understanding from her mom, and instead, she got a full ban. Her dad even said that he would rather kill her daughter than let her marry Qays. And on Qays side, his dad start blaming on him not knowing how to behave properly after got rejected from Layla’s dad. Both of them wanted the kind of love with understanding from their families. The public at that social environment didn’t understand free love between them. Their mocking and gossiping made Layla quit school and be apart with the one she loves. When Qays hovering around Layla’s place, the public even calumniated him, which totally changed Qays to Majnun. People from his tribe told him that prettier girls existed in his tribe, so that he should gave up Layla and love someone else. Love didn’t exist among the public, caring and understanding were not inside of their hearts either. The third party is friend. When Majnun’s friend Nawful expressed his love without understanding what Majnun really needed, and when Nawful gave up Majnun after listening to Layla’s dad, Majnun lost the last party supporting him. If the three social aspects I mentioned above could gave them the right kind of love that come with

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