Definition Essay About True Love

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Every day we, as human, go through many different kinds of emotion. There is one that can cause us to feel so much happiness, and also so much pain. Love is a big topic that we can never discover everything about it in a short period of time. There are many types and levels of love, but the one affects us the most would be “love without expectations”. In another word, people often call it “true love”. Why this feeling is so unique from other levels of love? True love is a deep and unique emotion. When we experience true love, we do not expect anything in return. True love can basically be loving our family, deeply loving someone at the first sight, or as simple as loving the environment around us.
True love is a unique feeling of caring and adoration toward a “loving object”. What is love? We all have asked ourselves at least once in our life. According to the American Oxford Dictionary, “love” means any kind of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection. Everyone has their own experience, story, and understanding about true love. In my own
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In another word, people often call it “romantic love”. There are two cases. The first one is when we and other share common things. When we first meet someone, the feeling that we have toward them is often weak. That feeling begins to change as we talk and share common things. We feel comfortable and happy when we stay with that person. We becomes dependence and feel empty, when that person is not around. The second case is “love from the first sight”. This happens when the two persons love each other right at the second they first meet. They do not do anything for the other person and vise versa. They do not talk to each other, but the feeling of love is growing inside of them. In both cases, they want to know more about each other. They think about each other all the time, and especially they do not want anything in

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