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  • Ecstasy Of Life: A Short Story

    has haunted and addles my consciousness for days. I cannot comprehend this. I 'm the one? Why? I will shed light on this injustice? Whats injustice? What second war? Light bringer? It probably a coincidence. Anyways, I can 't give it too much attention about it right now, Its already 5 in the morning. Thus, I must prepare for school. I brush up my teeth and prepare breakfast. Afterward, I took a salmon fillet out and sear it till pink. While the coffee brew , I took out a white dress shirt and a crimson tie from my closet. I always wear this at the beginning of the week since it shows both formality and casualness at the same time. I put on my dark wash blue jean, my black vest, and my ring. Its a golden medium size 24 carat gold ring with a ruby crystal in the middle. This ruby is, however darker red than any ruby I had ever seen, the color was a deep blood crimson red. It was a gift from my dad before he left the house. He received it after serving in the Vietnam war. I currently live by myself as my dad has to be gone out of the state for a while. Hence he sends money every month to cover all the expense of living. Although it 's lonely sometime, I admit, living alone isn 't that terrible. I walk out of my apartment with my backpack and a handbag that carries all the handbook I need for class. The bus stop is right around the street. It arrives 20 minutes later as I sat there and waited. Oh my, it 's already 6:23. I arrive 30 minutes later at…

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  • Diamond Value Of Diamonds

    Their association with love and beauty are what make diamonds so precious. The fascination with diamonds isn't a modern-day phenomenon. Their history is entwined with the history of the world itself. A Roman naturalist in the first century AD described a diamond as "...the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world." Every ton of rock yields barely a half a carat of diamonds, which makes mining a long and arduous process. By slipping a diamond on your finger you…

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  • History And History Of The Premier Diamond Mining Company

    diamonds and their general history are detailed below: The Cullinan I - Also known as the Great Star of Africa, is a pear shape weighing 530.20 carats and is currently set in the Royal Sceptre. The Cullinan II - Also known as the Lesser Star of Africa, is a rectangular cushion shape diamond weighing 317.40 carats and is currently set in the center of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain. The Cullinan III - A pear shape weighing 94.40 carats originally set in the orb of Queen Mary's Crown.…

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  • Size Of Diamond Research Paper

    “Small” diamonds in terms of carats, would be considered any diamond that is less than 0.5 carats. “Mini” diamonds would be considered those gems that weigh less than just one-tenth of a carat. A heart-cut diamond is not a good idea when it comes to a little diamond, as it will likely make it look even smaller than it actually is. Rather, an oval or pear cut diamond create an optical illusion of making the diamond appear longer. For maximum gains opt for the emerald cut. While the light is not…

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  • Diamonds: The Hope Diamond In The World

    Diamonds. These small and rare rocks have been considered prized possessions throughout the ages. Diamonds are as old as the earth itself, and ever since their discovery they have captivated humans. Diamonds have come to represent many things, but in this paper, I will focus on power. I will track a certain diamond through its’ dated 350-year period, and use it to understand the individuals who owned it and the power it gave them. The diamond I refer to is the hope diamond. The Hope diamond is…

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  • Amy Tan Argumentative Essay

    Quote 1: “To Chinese people, fourteen carats isn’t real gold. Feel my bracelets. They must be twenty-four carats, pure inside and out” (49). Commentary: -In the Chinese culture gold symbolizes high status and good fortunes therefore Lindo’s pure gold symbolizes her pure intentions of wanting to pass this on to Waverly. However, this gold only provides high status in the Chinese culture and Lindo cannot pass it onto her daughter since it doesn't convey the same connotation in America.…

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  • Conflict Diamond Effects

    sell diamonds that are mined from conflict areas in Africa. Although there is no way to tell if a diamond is conflict-free just by glancing at it, the retailer can be almost certain the diamond was mined legally depending if the mine is certified, or in a non-war torn area. The Life of a Miner Mbuyi Mwanza is a 15-year-old boy, and he spends his days shoveling and sifting through sand in the Democratic Republic of Congo's mines. Mbuyi works for his family who can't. Mbuyi's dad is blind,…

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  • De Beers Diamond Company Case Study

    in their final form as consumer jewelry. Large amount of synthetic diamonds are produced each year however most of these (3 billion carats) are for industrial use, with only a few thousand carats of gem quality synthetic diamonds being produced annually, against production of 120 million carats of natural diamonds. As there are very few non-clear natural diamonds produced each year (0.1%), synthetic diamonds produced for the jewelry industry are generally colored in order to meet excess consumer…

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  • Run Lola Run Essay

    composer shows the audience through her heavy breathing and the fast movements of the camera going in circles, that she is frightened and is hyperventilating. she heads towards the party again and avoids the tunnel. But due to the repetition of continually being murdered Theresa is then killed at the party. Tree wakes up in carats room, terrified she runs out and finds Lori telling her someone is after her. Lori assures her that she just has a hungover and that she needs to rest. Tree locks…

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  • Charles Tiffany Research Paper

    In 1848 they started manufacturing jewelry then opened a location in Paris and London in the 1850’s. In the 1870’s Charles bought an $18000 gem what is known today as the “tiffany diamond”, it’s a yellow South African diamond that was 128.54 carats. Charles tiffany was known as the king of diamonds. The tiffany legacy was capitalized at more than $2 million dollars, and acknowledged as the most prominent jewelry company in North America. Today, tiffany and co. is an American worldwide luxury…

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