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  • Ruby Bridges: Racism At An All White School

    Ruby Bridges broke through the barriers of racism in an all white school. At the age of six, Ruby was chosen to take a series of tests to see if she qualified to attend an all white school. Ruby was the first African American to attend an all white school. On Ruby’s first day, there were mobs of chaos and parents there to remove their children, but Ruby was brave through it all. Because of Ruby’s courage, books have been written and paintings were painted such as “The Problem We All Live Within” by Norman Rockwell. Ruby Bridges has inspired so many people because of her acts of bravery. Ruby Nell Bridges was born on September 8, 1954 in Tylertown, Mississippi to Abon and Lucille Bridges. The year she was born was the same year of the Brown…

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  • Ecstasy Of Life: A Short Story

    cannot comprehend this. I 'm the one? Why? I will shed light on this injustice? Whats injustice? What second war? Light bringer? It probably a coincidence. Anyways, I can 't give it too much attention about it right now, Its already 5 in the morning. Thus, I must prepare for school. I brush up my teeth and prepare breakfast. Afterward, I took a salmon fillet out and sear it till pink. While the coffee brew , I took out a white dress shirt and a crimson tie from my closet. I always…

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  • Supernatural Episode Analysis

    The CW’s cult television show Supernatural tells the story of brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, respectively, who hunt a variety of supernatural monsters from vampires and demons to sirens and ghosts. The show is one of the longest running shows for the network and for it’s genre; it entered its twelfth season on October 13. Supernatural has employed narrative elasticity in several episodes throughout its tenure, and these episodes tend to become the…

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  • Ruby Bridges: Racism

    "Racism is a grown-up disease, and we must stop using our children to spread it" (Ruby Bridges). Ruby Bridges was a prime example of that quote, when she attended the all-white school. Therefore, she wrote it. Ruby Bridges created a world with all races of children learning together, used her sheer will of persistence to overcome the hatred of at least 100 racist white grown men and women; as well as laid the foundation of the civil rights movement. Ruby Bridges started the creation of a…

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  • Ruby Morris Analysis

    infamous, loud, nerve-racking Brit from England, Ruby Morris, who had a normal life. She was popular, on the verge of having a boyfriend. But he didn’t so much make it. No one did, all because of the rain. Killer rain, to be exact. Ruby Morris is trying her best to make it through this situation with her family, at first. She gets help and learns valuable lessons from her step dad, Simon. Like, don’t drink the tap water, don't open the door for anyone and never make a habit of raiding other…

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  • Ruby Bridges Paragraph

    is you!” (Ruby Bridges) During the 1960s, many people were choosing sides on social issues. One major issue of the decade was the Civil Rights movement. The southern states operated under the idea of separate but equal. This included white only water fountains, bathrooms and restaurants. Additionally, black children attended separate schools which were often falling apart and included limited resources. When looking at the history of the United States, specifically the desegregation of…

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  • Ruby Slippers Thesis

    ABC airs two women kissing on a “family show” causes an uproar for family morals! Sounds like a headline for a great newspaper article, but the backlash for this episode has caused a lot of angry parents questioning the “morals” of showing an openly gay couple kissing as well as the LGBT community arguing that they were “misrepresented” on the show. Sunday April 17th, 2016 ABC aired the fifth seasons of the popular TV show Once Upon A Time’s episode “Ruby Slippers”. The show’s creators had…

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  • Ruby Davis Reflection

    Nakia Davis reported being friends with Ruby Davis for 15 years. She reported that she speaks with Mrs. Davis twice a week but is not able to see her because they reside in different states. She describes Mrs. Ruby as loving, fun and original. She describes Mr. Arthur Davis as hardworking, funny and kind. Ms. Nakia Davis reported that she know the couple would do well with other children placed in her home. Ms. Nakia Davis stated that the couple has a lot to offer and they could provide the…

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  • JFK Assassination: 35th President Of America

    We as Americans will never truly know the true story because there are so many different possibilities that it could be. Like in the assassination of Kennedy, I read that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy all by himself, but then I also heard that there was other people who could’ve been involved with the assassination. From my interviews and the research I did on this topic, I have concluded that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Whether there was other people involved or…

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  • Kennedy Assassination And Jfk Assassination

    shots from a 6.5 mm Carcano Model 91/38 carbine at the President; the first shot penetrates through the President’s throat, then the second shot pierces through the head. President Kennedy is announced dead 30 minutes after the shooting. Oswald is found 20 minutes after President Kennedy’s death in a theater, where he resists arrest and yells,”Well, it’s all over now!” Two days later, after an extensive police interview, Oswald is transported down to the basement of the Dallas Police…

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