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  • Supernatural Episode Analysis

    episode “Monster Movie” in season four and “Bitten” in season eight, which shifts the narrative viewpoint to the werewolf Dean and Sam are hunting. Supernatural also has episodes that employ narrative elasticity and slightly move the plot forward without major narrative diegetic consequences. “The French Mistake” in season six is the most memorable and humorous of these episodes. It furthers the conflict of Heaven’s civil war, the plot of the sixth season, by sending the Winchesters to an alternate universe to distract the archangel the brothers’ friend Castiel, another angel, is fighting against. In the alternate universe, Dean and Sam discover that they are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the stars of a television show called Supernatural that is about brothers and hunters Dean and Sam Winchester. This episode shatters the fourth wall; the alternate universe’s show almost exactly matches the actual show itself. Castiel is able to temporarily gain the upper hand in the civil war as a result of the Winchesters’ adventure, and this episode gives the show and its fandom a chance to reflect on the nature of show and its story. “Weekend at Bobby’s” in season six and “Baby” in season eleven are examples of episodes that shift the narrative viewpoint while still moving the plot forward. “Weekend at Bobby’s” adds depth to the character of the Winchesters’ surrogate father Bobby Singer and reveals just how important Bobby is to the hunter community by showing all of the “behind…

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  • A Character Analysis: Supernatural

    such as Dean and Castiel. Dean is a hunter while Castiel is the angel who raised him from literally Hell. He…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Christmas Ever?

    It was impossible. The really handsome firefighter with stunning green eyes did not just ask if Castiel wanted to spend Christmas with him, did he? “I...uhmm...I” he began to stutter but the firefighter cut him off. “I'm not taking no for an answer. Nobody should have to spend their Christmas alone in some crappy Motel.” he said giving Castiel a smirk that made his legs go all wobbly again. “But won't I bother your family?” Castiel wanted to hit himself. Why did he even ask that, when all he…

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  • Valentine's Day: A Short Story

    By the shop window, they could see the street, some cars passing by and the natural morning fuss with the two florists of that particular street having the biggest attendance they probably had in months. Like Castiel predicted, there was no rain, and, besides the chilly air, it was a lovely day with the sun peering through the tallest buildings and through some lonely white clouds that were almost holding the sky. Dean was tapping the table absently looking at Cas and Castiel was glaring at the…

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  • Perseus Anasel Eckart: A Short Story

    " the gates to hell have already been open " " I can't be around here anymore so if you don't mind I'm gonna go around the perimeter " Alec said " same here " "the silent brothers creep me out " " your sacrafice is noted Percy and Izzy " " hallar if you need me " I said and with that I left to check on the perimeter. While I was looking around I saw the same shadow from earlier I left the erea quickly shaking my head " Perseus " I heard a familiar voice say Making me Stop I turned…

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  • Lucifer In Greek Mythology

    Since it first appeared on air in 2005, Supernatural has established a rich mythology regarding monsters, demons, and angels. Supernatural is about two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, who travel across the United States hunting monsters and demons. Lucifer appears as the major villain in season five and appears again as a villain in season eleven. Lucifer is not mentioned in Supernatural until the beginning of season four. At the end of the second episode of the season, it is revealed…

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  • Joss Whedon's Supernatural

    From here, everything in the show is revolves around Sam and Dean emotional and dramatic relationship as they battle angels, demons and even each other. The clearest example of this would be the season five finale, after Sam has been possessed by Lucifer, Dean, angel Castiel (Cas), and the boys surrogate father Bobby Singer, try to exorcise Lucifer and put him back in his cage, which was created by God. After killing both Cas and Bobby, Sam/Lucifer starts to beat Dean, who doesn’t resist. As…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dean Winchester

    If I could be anyone one in the world, I would be Dean Winchester. He is resilient and never ever fails his family. He saves thousands of people a week. He fights monsters, ghosts, and demons. He once fought the devil himself. He has been to hell and back literally, and he still manages to take care of his younger brother, (who is actually only four years younger than him, but still treats him like a child.) He is the most trustworthy and kind man I know (that’s fictional). He fights his and…

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  • Misha Rhetorical Analysis

    black plague in person. “I don't need your help,” Jensen slurs and pushes a finger against Misha's chest, “ You don't need to play saviour once more.” Misha tried to stay calm, tried to be the voice of reason, but he is just human. “Why do you hate me so much? What have I ever done to you?” he yells, and Jensen backs a few steps off. Then his face darkens. “You are so fucking perfect, it annoys the shit out of me,” he snaps. “What?” Misha has never been so confused in his entire life. “You're…

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  • Summary: Sexual Identity Representation In Film

    heavily on hyper-sexuality and negative stereotypes. The final solution for creating less stereotypes, more diversity, and positive story lines is for every filming director to hire a market research analyst to survey LGBT+ people and their allies. Surveys will ensure the quality and realism of queer characters. Learning about the lives of these common people will help directors and writers see their struggle to gain more diverse characters to identify with and varied storylines that don’t…

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