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  • Persuasive Essay On Dog Vs Cat

    sleeping? A dog or a cat? Of course, a dog is man’s best friend and is the most preferred pet of choice in America according to most recent polls. But how could anyone not love a dog? They are fun loving, come in all shapes, sizes, and love to please their owners. Not to mention certain dogs can be trained to be in K9 units and hunting partners. This does not automatically mean cats come in second place, some just have a preference to what pet they like to own. Does one have to be a “cat person” to own a cat? Certainly not, they are just as loveable, fun, and great pets to own, just as dogs. However, they do differ in…

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  • Essay On Cat Litter

    There are many types of cat litters. When you are trying to choose one for your cat, you may find yourself wondering which the best is. Basically, cat litters fall into three distinct categories. There are clay, silica and biodegradable litters. The best litter for your cat will depend on the results you want. Clay litters are the oldest type and are still widely used. Clay is used because of its ability to absorb liquids. The clay litter can absorb its weight in cat urine, and also has some…

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  • Comparison And Contrast Essay: Similarities Between Cats And Dogs

    Cats and dogs are dissimilar and identical in their own ways. Alterations in these two are what makes them unique. Cats and dogs differ in vision, smell, Speed, endurance and intelligence. There difference is what allow them to be helpful in every way even for humans. If , cats and dogs had everything in common they would be boring and un-interested. having certain characteristics that no one has is something that allows them to fit with our needs. Cats and Dogs are known as predators which…

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  • Witches In The Black Cat

    The Black Cat: Witches or Just Cats? I believe that both Pluto I and Pluto II are actually witches in the disguise of a black cat in the story, The Black Cat. It has been a well known superstition for hundreds of years that black cats are bad omens and are often witches. There has been a lifelong correlation between black cats and witches, in some instances the black cat is the witch’s favorite pet of choice and other cases the witch herself turns in a black cat. Therefore, it is not surprising…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Dogs And Cats

    it comes to dogs and cats. There are many similarities and differences between cats and dogs such as their species, life style, and behavior. One of the most obvious similarities between dogs and cats is their hair. One of the attributes of their hair is that it helps regulate their body temperature. When something has hair, they are classified in the mammal kingdom. This means that each of them give birth to live young. Also, they drink milk when they…

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  • Informative Essay On Sugar Gliders

    you plan on getting yourself a little sugar glider, make sure to get him a friend! Number Six: Capybara. The capybara is most commonly found in South America, and can weigh as much as 150 pounds. Roughly the size of a small pig, capybaras are loved for their dog-like characteristics. Loving and attention-craving, these loyal creatures have an impressive intelligence and fascinating adoration for water. Like sugar gliders, they enjoy having friends! Number Five: Fennec Fox. This little cutie…

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  • Mr. Dooley The Cat Ashwood Analysis

    Dear reader, today I wish to share an incredibly eclectic, spiralling, black tale… a tail that belongs to Mr. Dooland “Dooley the Cat” Ashwood. There is more to his wacky unusual name than meets his jewelled emerald eyes. It is an Irish name, composed of the Gaelic dubh “black” and laoch “champion”, meaning Dooley loosely translates into “Black Champion”. Honestly, the name doesn’t quite fit him perfectly. “Dubh” describes his permanent obsidian coloured fur tuxedo and perhaps his dark sense of…

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  • Dogs Vs Cats

    ago, a study confirmed that dogs are smarter than cats based on the brain sizes of both animals. It is the turn today of cat lovers to rejoice because another study claims that cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners. Short List cited the research conducted by Denise Guastello, an associate professor of psychology at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin for The Mckeown Clinic. The study had 600 college students are participants. University degree The basis of Guastello in making…

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  • Essay On Exotic Pets

    Walking into a normal household most people will notice a cat sleeping or a dog loudly barking . Pets are an essential part of a family, but what if just a cat or a dog is not enough. What if a family didn't want to be mainstream, what if they wanted something else? Over the last few years there has been a growing trend of owning exotic pets. These animals can be smarter, more colorful and interesting or they could be outright expensive and dangerous. So the question arises, should an exotic…

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  • Miniature Pinscher Essay

    They are intelligent dogs and often very good escape artists. They can be trained but they need an owner with patience and lots of treats! Miniature Pinschers are fearless, loyal and make good watchdogs. Miniature Pinschers make great family dogs, they are playful, alert and full of pep. Most Min Pins have small dog syndrome, they think they are a bigger dog than they really are. Due to their size, temperament and intelligence they are used as service dogs. The miniature pinscher can come…

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