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There are many types of cat litters. When you are trying to choose one for your cat, you may find yourself wondering which the best is. Basically, cat litters fall into three distinct categories. There are clay, silica and biodegradable litters. The best litter for your cat will depend on the results you want.
Clay litters are the oldest type and are still widely used. Clay is used because of its ability to absorb liquids. The clay litter can absorb its weight in cat urine, and also has some natural odor control because it separates the urine effectively. Its drawback is that as it becomes saturated, odor can become a problem. Silica litters are crystallized cat litters formed from a silica gel. Their advantage is the ability to absorb liquids, and also provides odor control. The type of silica used to make these litters is similar to the desiccant that is commonly found in the pouches packaged as a preservative with medication, foods and other consumables that are susceptible to moisture damage. These litters are a good option if you do not prefer a clay litter. However, there is the concern among some cat owners that Silica litters can be dangerous to their cats if the cat ingests in large amounts. Biodegradable litters provide an alternative for those who are concerned with the possibility that their cat may ingest large amounts of clay or Silica. They are also preferred by those who want an ecologically
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Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter
The Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is a biodegradable cat litter made from walnut shells. It offers you exceptional cat odor control and very long lasting absorbency. BLUE Naturally Fresh is completely dust free, and is low tracking. It is very absorbent and has strong clumping power, allowing you to scoop it easily. It has remarkable odor control; it virtually eliminates all the cat smells and odors. It is soft and your cat will like it.

9. Arm and Hammer Super Scoop Clumping

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