Catastrophe theory

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  • Fazey And Hardy Catastrophe Theory

    psychology related theory, e.g. the catastrophe model by Fazey and Hardy (1988), which seeks to explain the relationship between sporting performance and anxiety. How this will be done will be through looking in depth firstly at what anxiety is and how it can be created. It will next endeavour to break the catastrophe theory down to its simplest form in an attempt to discover what the theories core elements and beliefs are. How this piece of work will achieve this will be by first looking at what previous theories have inspired Fazey and Hardy (1988) catastrophe model, such as the inverted-U theory by Yerkes and Dodson (1908) and the multidimensional anxiety theory developed by Martens et…

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  • Independent Forecasting Case Study

    operating in Canada and the United States. The information obtained for this discussion was obtained through an extensive interview with a participant who has spent 5 years working with the company in a number of different capacities. Speaking under anonymity, the interviewee was able to provide extensive information on the operations of the company. By providing a first-hand experience, the participant was able to shed light on many different theories as they are practiced in real-time.…

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  • Catastropheian Population

    Introduction Throughout the years, humans have tried to satisfy their unlimited desires with limited resources. The problem of scarcity that arises as a result on Earth is only amplified as the population grows. Historically, there have a number of viewpoints on the sustainability of population growth. Some of them have been more pessimistic than others. One of the most well known pessimistic viewpoints is that of Thomas Malthus. Thomas Robert Malthus was an English scholar and a professor of…

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  • Malthus's Theory Of Overpopulation

    In this essay, I will argue that Malthus’s theory of overpopulation is not relevant, especially within contemporary politics because the problem is not “overpopulation.” There are other factors that must be taken into consideration: technological advances, preventative checks, and the total wealth of a country. Malthus was one of the first philosophers in the nineteenth century to attempt to apply mathematical concepts to society. The book foreshadowed a wretched and grim future with the notion…

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  • Malthusian Overpopulation

    were six editions of this essay which took into an account new factors and perspectives. This essay gave rise to the Malthusian controversy, which put an emphasis on marriage and birth rates. The neo-Malthusian controversy, which resulted many years after the Malthusian controversy, took into account similar factors; put a major emphasis on the number of children born. Rev. Malthus believed in two types of that could help reduce population growth. One type of check was preventive checks such as…

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  • Utilitarianism And Human Conservation

    The United States has been growing in terms of population, technological advancements, food production, along with many other evolutionary aspects over the years. These enhancements have not only been growing in our country, additionally they taken over the entire planet! Human needs have become more extensive throughout time, in which companies and industries require more resources in order to be in par with the growing population. Many people have now brought up concerns that at some point,…

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  • Sex, Disasters, And The Extinction Of Dinosaurs By Stephen Jay Gould

    race, they became extinct. Ultimately, only a major catastrophe could completely dismantle an entire species, let alone a body of dinosaurs. Consequently, the debacle on the causes of dinosaur extinction have baffled the minds of paleontologists for centuries. Geologist and zoologist Stephen Jay Gould published “Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs,” to compare scientific and speculative causes of dinosaur extinction. This passage is highly informative and enjoyable. Gould…

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  • Liberalism: The Rise Of China's Superpower

    Everything in this world is tend to change. Beginning with the climate, technologies, population and ending with the economy, politics and international relations. China is not an exception in those changes. Over the last couple of years China has developed its economy to very significant level, under these circumstances it is possible that China could become a world’s superpower. This essay will consist of three parts, each part will look at different ways of analyzing the rise of China,…

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  • Perpetual Peace: Kant Analysis

    Taiwan have to give in to China demands and obey them because they have no power to disobey China. The same concept applies to the relationship with Ukraine and Russia. Kant’s essay in some ways resembles the modern democratic peace theory and his position regarding war is that he does not like it because war is a bad idea because it creates destruction, riotous, and the appalling conditions that no human being should have to endure within a state or country. Kant believed that as human beings,…

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  • The Signal And The Noise Analysis

    Once reaching the complete fox phase, they transition back to a hedgehog begins. Everybody is different, but this general curve of open-mindedness and certainty over time is observable in most people. I see myself as a perfect example of this theory. Throughout my adolescence and high school years, I was constantly certain in what I wanted my future to be and how I saw the world from my point of view. I feel myself in the process of becoming more open-minded since high school has ended and…

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