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  • Research Paper On Sexual Harassment

    Laws Governing Sexual Harassment Clearly sexual harassment has been around as long as men and women have shared the same space. United States history is marked with this type of inappropriate and often heinous behavior. Reva Siegel and Catharine MacKinnon discuss this long history in an article they co-authored for the Yale Press in 2003. Siegel and MacKinnon point out that, “… sexual coercion was an entrenched feature of chattel slavery endured by African-American women” (Yale Press, 2003, p.3). Siegel and MacKinnon infer that as the role of women changed in the United States, as women began holding non-traditional roles of authority, some men, who felt threatened, used harassment as a way to psychologically keep women in their place (Yale…

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  • Argumentative Essay Men Vs Women

    Don’t take this article the wrong way, support of women 's rights is a good thing, but there are few that take it beyond what it is. They call themselves feminists, others would consider them as radical feminists. There is a difference between the two, feminism is a belief that man and woman should be equal in society and have equal opportunity in the world; radical feminism is a belief that men have been dominating over women for years and the women should be above the men in the societal…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Radical Feminism

    mothers’ names and in our own, we must not call him sister” (Morgan). Feminists and some women who are not feminists do not want to accept this, but no one has a say in what someone else believes. What classifies a woman as a woman or a man as a man? Its exactly like the free exercise clause in the federal government. Every person is guaranteed the right to believe whatever that person chooses to believe, as long as it does not harm another person 's beliefs. Of course this is only associated…

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  • Womanliness As Masquerade Analysis

    creativity, emotional work, and energy is given completely to men and excluded from the public realm of culture. Radical feminists take it a step further, inquiring that because women are objects of men’s desire, their bodies are always available to men. This has caused consent of women to be superfluous. Along with love leading to rape culture, a place where rape is very present, radical feminists believe pornography is a means to subordinating women. Catharin MacKinnon, a radical feminist, has…

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  • Analysis Of Pornography: A Form Of Oppression To Women

    Dworkin, 1981; Dworkin and MacKinnon, 1988; Mackinnon, 1989) since 1980s have overwhelmingly stressed on criticising of pornography as a form of oppression to women. By examining the ‘effects’ of pornography on its male consumers, radical feminists have frequently amplified that negative effects, namely violence, sex addiction, intimidation, child abuse, and women as sexually objectified by men, of pornography have facilitated men for reinforcing the notions of patriarchy and masculinity. In…

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  • Midterm Case Study: Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    Midterm Case Study 1. What sorts of measures could We Care Health Plan take with its clients to prevent this situation? Do they have a duty to their own employees to do so? Sexual harassment in American work life is pervasive. Women today face many aspects of sexual harassments. Society general conversation on the topic is a good first step for addressing the problem as a whole, and first steps towards real change in culture and perceptions. Harassment is not limited to work place, but can…

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  • How Did Women Influence Early America

    As the abolitionist movement gained traction, many women found themselves advocating in the public sphere. They were actively taking place in petitioning congress and even began publicly speaking out against slavery, a taboo act of the time to say the least. An act that did not go unopposed as can be seen Catharine Beecher’s letter to Angelina Grimké, an anti-slavery activist (Beecher, pp. 242-243). “Heaven has appointed to one sex the superior,” she claimed, “and to the other the subordinate…

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  • Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Literary Analysis

    This novel exposed the horrific lives of the slaves, and the awful hardships that they had to endure everyday. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was also said to have caused the civil war. However,this novel was not Harriet Beecher Stowe’s only accomplishment. According the the reading, Women writers in the American Renaissance, “Mary Griffith published Our Neighborhood; or, Letters on Horticulture and Natural Phenomena (1831), and several other texts in philosophy and science appeared between then and 1855,…

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  • Analysis Of Catharine Mackinnon's Censorship Of Pornography

    " Eighty-seven years after Stanton’s death, lawyer and radical feminist scholar Catharine MacKinnon published Toward a Feminist Theory of the State in which she confronts organized male dominance in the form of the state. MacKinnon views the elimination of pornography as essential to this effort because pornography is: "sex forced on real women so that it can be sold at a profit to be forced on other real women; women 's bodies trussed and maimed and raped and made into things to be hurt and…

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  • West And Zimmerman Sociology

    critique in the field of feminist theory and the analyses of gender. Catharine Mackinnon and Raewyn Connell do an excellent job at providing an accurate illustration of integrating key principles in the macro and micro level by the means of feminist theory and gender inquiry. MacKinnon’s approach towards society is supported by her beliefs that sex discrimination ultimately inhibits women from performing to an equal level of men. She elaborates on this issue by stating the following… According…

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