Second-wave feminism

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  • Second Wave Feminism In Canada

    What would Canada be like if feminists hadn’t existed? Second wave feminism was the most influential wave of the three achieving the following three main goals; ending discrimination in the workplace, lessening sexual exploitation/sexual abuse, and gaining reproductive rights. It is defined as a period of feminist activity that first began in the early 1960s and lasted through the 1980s. The struggle women faced with discrimination was extremely evident as 14 people were slaughtered, and 13 injured in Montreal. These women had been accepted into an engineering program at École Polytechnique. A man by the name of Marc Lépine, who hadn’t been accepted into the program was angry that women, who he thought were of lesser value than him, were…

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  • Second Wave Feminism

    Feminism, the belief and promotion of equality between the sexes politically, socially, and economically, is a widespread movement throughout the Americas. This movement, while generally seen as one large and homogenous effort, is quite diverse in the goals, views, challenges, achievements, and people involved. By the late 1950 's, the majority of the nations in North, Central, and South America had granted women voting rights. (Infoplease). These early 20th century suffrage movements were the…

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  • The Second Wave Feminism

    When discussing the topic of feminism, one must explore the deep and extensive history it has. Spreading over only several decades, the amount of change that has occurred because of the rise and presence of feminism is astounding. Feminism, as defines it, is the the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Over the years, feminism has taken many different forms in order to achieve this goal. First wave feminism took place during…

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  • Effects Of Second Wave Feminism

    How did Second Wave Feminism affect the lives of women? Second Wave feminism is recgonized as an active period of feminist activism beginning in the 1960’s and ending in the late 1980’s. The fight for legal equality and suffrage began with the First Wave feminists in the nineteenth and early twentieth century and much of the basis for Second Wave feminism is based in the views of equality between men and woman. Second Wave feminism worked to create greater equality in social aspects and…

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  • Effects Of The Second Wave Of Feminism

    McAnaney Block F 9/30/15 Second Wave of Feminism in France Revolutions have been taking place for centuries now, and are acts of rebellion used to initiate change in society. A revolution is usually when a group of people disagree on the ideas and thoughts of the government and want change to better their lives. A revolution, or to be more exact, one (or some) political revolt or protest that has occurred post 1950, is the group of feminist revolts in the Second Wave of Feminism in France.…

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  • Second Wave Feminism In Mexico

    Feminism in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution was dominated by women who identified as white and/or mestiza heterosexuals and who were most commonly members of the middle class, and sometimes the upper class as well. The lack of diversity within the Mexican feminist community led to the marginalization of numerous groups, most notably indigenous women’s groups, called indigenous feminism, and groups for women who did not identify as heterosexual, referred to as lesbian feminism. This paper…

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  • Rhetoric's In Correspondence The Second Wave Of Feminism

    Previously, I attended a GSWS event with speaker Bonnie Dow from Vanderbilt University. At the event, Dow presented her talk about rhetoric’s in correspondence the Second Wave of Feminism. To explain more in depth, Dow explored the documents that contributed to the various movements and activist groups within the Second Wave. However, she also explains that these rhetorical documents were rather underrepresented. The underrepresentation of these rhetorical documents provided miscommunication of…

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  • Second Wave Feminism Civil Rights Movement

    The civil rights movements made way for the second wave feminism movement to grow in the United States. Second Wave of Feminism challenged a broad range of social and political problems. Second Wave of Feminism affected the lives of most women throughout America because it covered a broad range of concerns for women rights. The movement focused on issues surrounding reproductive rights, racial inequality, gay rights, and economic and labor equality for the women in the United States. Although…

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  • The Second Wave Of Feminism By Kelsey Hopson-Shiller

    Feminism has evolved, from first wave feminists who gained rights for women in the first part of the century through the bra burning the second wave we have arrived where we are today with at third wave of feminists. Kelsey Hopson-Shiller is a modern third wave feminist and social worker in her 30’s, and we communicated regarding her views on modern feminism, patriarchy and the role of religion in modern America. We started talking about her views on feminism and patriarchy. According to…

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  • The Women's Liberation Movement: The Second Wave Of Feminism

    In the words of G.D. Anderson, “feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength (Pugachevsky).” This quote wraps up the original motives of the women at the beginning of the Second Wave of Feminism. Feminism is a hot topic in the media today, as was it over the past fifty years. The women of the Second Wave of Feminism, also known as the Women’s Liberation Movement, were trying to acquire the right to be equal to…

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