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  • Blindness In Cathedral By Robert Carver

    Robert Carver uses the character Bub, in his short story “Cathedral”, to demonstrate the difference between being physically blind and emotionally blind. Bub proves that he is capable of seeing the physical things around him, such as his wife, his home, his marijuana, and even the blind man Robert, who eventually changes his outlook on life. However, these sights are all on the surface and have no deep meaning to Bub and his one track minded life style. In fact others authors including Mark Facknitz, Polly Rose Peterson, and Collin Messer, view Bubs character as one that struggles, but eventually finds his way to a healthy transition. Although by the end of the text, Bub proves that his emotional blindness can be undone, not instantaneously, but over time, similar to the changes a cathedral makes…

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  • First Church Research Paper

    Did you know that the very first church that was built in Ost was used as school building? This happened because they built a new church and they had no other use for this first church. But this is not the only church in America that Did you know that there is a church that expresses its love for football with one of the largest mosaics of Jesus in the world? This mosaic is named Christ in Majesty and it is located in the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. This cathedral began when…

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  • Church During The Middle Ages Essay

    There were two types of cathedrals; they were either monastic, led by monks who followed a more devoted life, or secular, led by clerks who desired political power. Cathedrals were built using a Gothic style, which included stained glass, large windows, and many small details. These projects were very time consuming and expensive. A monk at a cathedral church named Gervase stated in 1174 that it took a master mason a year to prepare the land for building. He also notes that it took another…

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  • Corruption In The Catholic Church

    but the scene is still placid. Those driving past late on a Saturday afternoon, might be lucky enough to spy a beautiful bride leaving the church with her groom and party. Our parish is on the smaller side, with an average of around 2,500 families in the congregation. Though attendance at masses is often low when compared to the number of registered believers, the church itself in no way feels empty. The OLP church 's magnitude can be put into perspective by comparing it to the smaller, adjacent…

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  • An Important Role In Gothic Architecture

    There are many factors in everyday life that affects human behavior. Art, for example, has an enormous influence on how people react to day-to-day activities in their life. Architecture also has an important role on the way people act in different atmospheres. Some people may think that architecture is all about the shape of the building, but so much more thought goes into the process of it. When creating the architecture of the building, one must look at the intending use of the property, the…

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  • Personal Narrative: When Church And Family Collide

    last time I went to visit it was the year I started high school. The hallways that echoed with my laughs and the memories of my childhood now looked so small. The room with the music controls my dad used to use so the voice of the choir could be heard by all did not excite me as much. No more did the wall made of rocks look climbable. It was all that I had remembered, but not. What made it more meaningful than any of these memories though, is that my grandfather was the head of the church.…

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  • How Did Architecture Influence The Renaissance Today

    just like the ones invented in the Renaissance, close together, a perfect size, and mostly all are identical to each other. One of the final classical ideas that are influenced today are Renaissance palaces. During the Renaissance, palaces that were built were usually oriented inwards away from busy streets or town centers where it is loud and most often, the palaces were surrounded by courtyards and shops which gave citizens a place to be (Fritz 17). This is relatable and influenced today…

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  • Cathedral As Portrayed In Edward Hopper's Cathedral

    Raymond Carver’s short story “Cathedral” has similar qualities illustrated in Edward Hopper’s famous artwork Room in New York. Both the story and artwork implies conflict between two people, a man and a woman, that creates an attitude of distance between characters. “Cathedral” is narrated by a jealous husband who despises a blind man named Robert. The narrator seems to think that his wife is getting too intimate with this blind man. This essay will prove that Carver’s short story “Cathedral”…

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  • Goolsby Chapel Research Paper

    Chapel is located in Denton, TX at the University of North Texas. The chapel is a generous gift of UNT alum Tony Goolsby. The chapel is a non-denominational place of worship, reflection and peace that is open to everyone without exception. The chapel was dedicated in September of 2001. It is not as prestigious as the Chartres Cathedral, but it definitely exhibits the ideas and beliefs of Modern Americans.The chapel was planned to accommodate as many as 142 people. To begin, as every…

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  • Comparing Cathedrals: Monastic And Secular Cathedrals

    Cathedrals have always been a part of religion. “A cathedral is a large church where a bishop has his seat” (Lehmberg 3). There are many different types of cathedrals out there. The two that really stand out are the monastic and secular Cathedrals. Although the monastic and secular cathedrals originated from the same idea, they had their own beliefs to uphold. “The monastic cathedrals were priories” (Lehmberg 262). This meant that it was governed by rich prominent men such as chief…

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