Corruption In My Church

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Corruption, judgement, and inequality are all stories the media presents about the Catholic church . Many take this at face value, and I cannot blame them. There has been a lot of corruption associated with the church, and it may be hard for some to see that these are the actions of a few rather than the philosophy of the whole. Though the reputation of the institution may be tainted, the actual building where I attend mass, does not reflect that negativity. As a Catholic who received a parochial education for 10 years, I see my church in a completely different light. I always hear "You still go to that church? But why?" and I always have the same response. At first glance the Catholic church comes across as harsh and unforgiving, but after removing one 's prejudices it reveals beautiful architecture and messages that embody hope and peace. …show more content…
The surrounding area is a quaint suburban neighborhood filled with a mixture of religious and ethnic groups. A variety of small businesses line the surrounding streets. Community members walk or bike through the neighborhood. The obvious sounds of New Jersey traffic can be heard, but the scene is still placid. Those driving past late on a Saturday afternoon, might be lucky enough to spy a beautiful bride leaving the church with her groom and party. Our parish is on the smaller side, with an average of around 2,500 families in the congregation. Though attendance at masses is often low when compared to the number of registered believers, the church itself in no way feels empty. The OLP church 's magnitude can be put into perspective by comparing it to the smaller, adjacent school building, which once housed over 400 children in the Pre-K through 8th

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