Christ Church Anglican Cathedral Essay

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One of the greatest patrons of the arts and architectural innovation throughout history has been religion. Everywhere in the world, different cultures have had different religions and deities, but how they worship and honor them can be quite similar. During the Gothic period, churches and cathedrals were known for their pointed arches and bigger windows with colorful glasses that transformed the church on a living organism. Christ Church Anglican Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral constructed in Ottawa, Canada in 1833 on a land donated by Nicholas Sparks (1794-1862), an early landlord of Ottawa. The Cathedral was enlarged in 1841 due to the rapid growth in the population. In 1872, the church was demolished and rebuild in the Gothic style. In Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Arnoldi King McCord …show more content…
The interior contain stained glass windows showing sacred scenes and the Cathedral 's history. (Figure 5) The interaction between geometry and light in the windows and the different colors of stained glass create a visual experience with mystical and magical qualities that make the viewer feel like he is inside a living organism. The scenes from the Bible represented on the window panes at Gothic churches, teach the scripture to the people, because even without knowing how to read, anyone can understand the drawings. (Figure 6)
There are two arcades on the Cathedral, on both sides of the nave. The pillars have a detailed stone caved capital, which assembles to the classical Corinthian capitals. (Figure 8) Ornamented capitals and detailed sculptures were really common in Gothic architecture. Behind the altar, there is a heavily decorated sculpture of Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles carved in wood. (Figure 9) The Gothic sculpture is simple, stiff, straight, elongated and dramatic. Jesus’ arms are opened and lowered pointing to the people watching the mass and welcoming them to his

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