St Pauls Cathedral Analysis

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The St. Paul’s Cathedral is built on 18911. It is located in the eastern corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street, which is near the Federation Square and Town Hall.

Moreover, the location was originally the first Christian Service for public in 18362. And at last decided to be the site for St. Paul’s Cathedral after a debate from various suggestions places, for instance in Fitzroy Square, Flagstaff Garden etc. The condition for choosing the place was that the Cathedral ought to be supported by transport system, especially railway, which allowed people to come easily. Moreover, it should always inside the near the central of business district. In addition, the orientation of
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Paul’s Cathedral in the nineteen century. Most importantly, in the “Marvellous Melbourne” period, the state government wished to build up the Metropolis image of Melbourne to the world while Melbourne were completing with Sydney. A cathedral is one of the key elements in the Christian Society5. So, it can be classificated at a political reason of building the cathedral. Secondly, The St. Paul’s Cathedral was in purposed to replace the other cathedral that is Charles Webb’s St Paul’s Cathedra so to fulfil the religion need. Therefore, In Victoria, St Paul ‘s Cathedral becomes the core of the Church of England. Thirdly, The cathedral also helped to provide extra Christian Service for the public as the population is growing dramatically in Melbourne6.

St Paul’s Cathedral is built in Gothic Style, which were half Early English and half decorated7. The cathedral is a mixed architectural pedigree8. It was unusual to build a Gothic design since most of the public buildings are built in straight lined classical architecture. As a result, the St. Paul’s Cathedral created a strong contrast with other buildings and it was also reached the new height architecture in Melbourne at that period9. The cathedral’s spies create a wonderful skyline, which became one of the landmarks in Melbourne until now10.

Other than that, the cathedral was not following the architecture atmosphere at that period since the entire cathedral was constructed with the concept of “Thinking in Gothic” rather than orientated by fashion style at that

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