Cienfuegos Research Paper

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Consider Visiting Cienfuegos, If Planning Holidays to Cuba
By Spencer Smith
Jul 1, 2012
Cienfuegos, the seaside city in Cuba is also known as La Perla del Sur which literally means the Pearl of the South. The city is famous for its natural wilderness, rich past and intriguing culture. Several people plan all inclusive holidays to Cuba especially to feel the magnificence of gorgeous beaches of Cienfuegos. One of the most popular beaches in the city is Playa Rancho Luna. The beach features golden sand and complementing blue hues of waters. Lie down on the powdery sand and feel the serenity of the natural surroundings. Apart from swimming, scuba diving can also be enjoyed in the crystal clear waters.

Other popular beaches in the city are Ensenada de Barreras and Las Playitas. While enjoying holidays in Cuba at
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While visiting the grand structure, you can enjoy spectacular city views. The interiors of the building consist of dome-shaped cupola, Italianate marble floor and a beautiful iron staircase. Live music can also be enjoyed in this old building. Cathedral of the Most Pure Conception is the most important religious structure in the city. It was established in 1860s.

If you want to experience daily local culture of the city, Parque Jose Marti cannot be ignored. This park-cum-square is surrounded by some of the most impressive landmarks in the city. Some of them are the Tomas Terry Theatre and the Hotel Boutique. So, plan all Inclusive holidays to Cuba and visit his square in Cienfuegos.

The city is home to several museums as well. The Provincial Museum is among the most popular ones. Exhibitions in the museum focus on Cuban society since 1800s. There are several items, handicrafts and artifacts that depict the different facets of Cuban society. Other worth visiting museums in the city are Polivalente Sports Museum and National Museum of Naval

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