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  • The Sands Hotel Case

    Sands Hotel came into existence through the sale of a computer trade show “COMDEX”. In 1989, entrepreneur Sheldon G. Adelson and his partners bought the Sands Hotel and within one year opened the Sands Expo and Convention Center. In 1995, Adelson sold COMDEX for more than $800 million dollars. This money was used for renovations of The Sands Motel, which was inspired by a trip taken to Venice Italy. For the next two years the hotel was reconstructed into a romantic replica of the ambience and luxury of this ancient city. He made the wise decision to do a flip flop of what the hotels normally looked like at the time, which was a standard hotel him. He made each room a luxury suite complete with a minibar, big screen televisions, and gorgeous…

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  • Tar Sands In Canada

    unspoiled by pollution. Unfortunately, beneath the flourish of life was the dark discovery of tar sands. Tar, or oil sands are composed of sand, water, clay, and bitumen- a thick, dark, and heavy oil. Because of its viscosity, bitumen needs to be lightened with a mixture of hydrocarbons to transport it through pipes. The mining of bitumen began in 1719 when it was first discovered, and small extractions were attempted in the 1920s and throughout World War II. The first commercial bitumen mining…

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  • Raymond Foss Beach Sand Analysis

    One of my very favorite places to go in my free time is the beach. A beach is a national geographic nature made landform that is near a body of water. It usually consists of loose particles, which are frequently made out of sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones. The particles living at a beach are occasionally biological to the origins, such as mollusk shells or coralline algae. Beaches typically appear around areas along the coast where there is a wave or current activity (Wikipedia,…

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  • Athabasca Sands

    The Athabasca oil sands, more commonly known as the Alberta tar sands, are large deposits of heavy crude oil in the North Easterly reaches of Alberta. According to Alberta Energy, the oil sands are the third largest crude oil reserves in the world. Only two countries, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, possess reserves greater than Canada (Alberta Energy, 2012). Arguably, the capital gained from exporting Athabasca bitumen or crude oil (a form of petroleum) promotes job and economic growth, and also…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Quest To Find The Sand Dollar

    The Quest to Find the Sand Dollar Screech, slam, ploof! The young twelve year old girl pulls her chair up to the ridge and drops her stuff in the soft, warm sand while the sun was shining bright and gleaming down on her. She was very excited because today her mother had taken her down to the turquoise ocean water from their rental beach house. Summer break had just started that week and the young girl was eager to relax and enjoy the beach. She loved shells and collecting them as far…

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  • Canada Oil Sands

    important source of oil sands. By the sand, asphalt, mineral, clay and water in five parts of the oil sands is a kind of unconventional oil resources. It is distributed widely, and is rich in resources. At present, the world oil sand technology is known to be about 1035.1 cubic meters, accounting for 32%% of the world total recoverable amount of 68%% .The Canadian Alberta oil sands, the world known recoverable reserves of 81%%. Canada 's oil sands reserves are among the world 's second…

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  • Essay On The Alberta Tar Sands Disaster

    often not viewed as a priority, which allows for many individuals to cause damaging effects such as the creation of the Alberta tar sands in order to economically benefit as mentioned. Currently, the world is already facing various threats such as climate change due to an increase in green house gasses and the tar sands only further contributes to this increase. The tar sands are responsible for approximately 8.5 per cent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions (“Energy Alberta”, n.d).…

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  • Beach Destination Essay

    destinations in the world Snippet: Do not know where to go during your vacation? If so, then some of the best beach destinations in the world we have put together here are for you. Seven of the Best Beach Destinations in the World If you have tired of seaside recreation, it could only mean that you have not been yet to the heavenly corners of our Earth that we have described here. So, if you love rainbow sands, lonely beaches under stone arches, diving, surfing, or fishing, but you are tired…

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  • Long Beach Peninsula Research Paper

    "Salt in the air, sand on your feet, the soft crash of waves just beyond the dunes – Washington's Long Beach Peninsula engages every sense and will awaken your slumbering spirit of adventure. The peninsula is home to a string of throwback beach towns where time ticks a little more slowly. Museums highlight the region's historical heritage and illuminate the Peninsula's past. This is Lewis & Clark country, where some of the best exploration takes place on foot – the 8.5-mile Discovery Trail…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Florida

    Florida is a land of sun palm trees and sand. Florida being a southern state with sweet tea, Publix, and Disney just a few hours away, had many perks. I had never thought of what it might be like to grow up in a northern area, or just even outside of Florida. Up until my 14th summer I had always assumed everyone lived the same way I did. It had all started when I got accepted to a summer program in Washington D.C to attend a medical forum. I was sent to a hotel for a total of 10 days, alone…

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