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  • The Sands Hotel Case

    Sands Hotel came into existence through the sale of a computer trade show “COMDEX”. In 1989, entrepreneur Sheldon G. Adelson and his partners bought the Sands Hotel and within one year opened the Sands Expo and Convention Center. In 1995, Adelson sold COMDEX for more than $800 million dollars. This money was used for renovations of The Sands Motel, which was inspired by a trip taken to Venice Italy. For the next two years the hotel was reconstructed into a romantic replica of the ambience and luxury of this ancient city. He made the wise decision to do a flip flop of what the hotels normally looked like at the time, which was a standard hotel him. He made each room a luxury suite complete with a minibar, big screen televisions, and gorgeous…

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  • St. Petes Beach Analysis

    St. Pete’s Beach Since the origins of humanity, people have thought of the beach as a way to relax and make memories. But in my mind, one beach stands tall above all of the others. St. Pete’s beach in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the most magnificent place that anyone could ever hope to go. Although it is not often thought of as a primary vacation spot, I believe this marvelous beach has helped to develop my identity into who I am today. The mesmerizing silvery sand; the dreamy sea its own…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Bahamas

    the bright sun shining down onto my skin, the seagulls cawing in the distance, the smell of the salty water in the air, and the feel of the sand on my bare feet. Have you ever had piña colada in the sunset? Well, it’s unforgettable. Ever since I was six months old, I have been fortunate enough to visit the place that I love with all of my heart. I have made many great memories here with my family. Throughout my life I have returned to the Bahamas eleven times. My favorite hotel here is known as…

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  • Cienfuegos Research Paper

    is famous for its natural wilderness, rich past and intriguing culture. Several people plan all inclusive holidays to Cuba especially to feel the magnificence of gorgeous beaches of Cienfuegos. One of the most popular beaches in the city is Playa Rancho Luna. The beach features golden sand and complementing blue hues of waters. Lie down on the powdery sand and feel the serenity of the natural surroundings. Apart from swimming, scuba diving can also be enjoyed in the crystal clear waters. Other…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To Ocean City

    There is several human indications such as a board walk connected to the beach that consists of restaurants, shops, hotels and rental homes. There are several docs along the beach and in more residential areas, there are boats that are docked near the homes. I also noticed the littering around the beach including squished water bottles and chip bags. Which is really unfortunate because the creatures of the beaches could potentially be harmed by humans littering. Plastic is the most common type…

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  • Desert Safari Essay

    Client URL: Desert Safari Tips That Can Make the Trip More Pleasant and Enjoyable Most probably, one of the things that top your travel bucket list is taking a desert safari. As many travelers say, it is the most fun activity that you can do in the desert. If you are going to a destination that is known for having great sand dunes, then it is something that you cannot miss. However, keep in mind that such kind of trip is that all comfortable and convenient. Here are…

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  • Paradise Beach Research Paper

    Happy feet, soaked in the sand at Paradise beach. I told you so! These words I heard here over and over again! I reached my hotel to check out and decided to stay at Auro Ville. I had heard so much about the place and wanted to check it out. But I reached late in the evening and I was told that the Matrimandir shuts early. I found a basic shack and a home stay to stay owned by Senthil, a guy in his late 20s. He and his grandmother were my host. He told me this was not a luxurious place, but…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Beach Erosion

    factors that contribute to the problem, sometimes they can be very disastrous. They cause three types of coastal changes on our beautiful beaches and they are collision; where the beach dunes are eroded by both waves and the storm surge( the rise in the sea due to pressure changes and wind that comes with a storm), overwash; where the sand is transported towards the land over the beaches and dunes by both the waves and surge and inundation; where the beaches and…

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  • Kenya Research Paper

    tree savannah. The walls of the Rift, and Mount Kenya itself, dominate the scene for much of the time. The famous Kenyan game parks are mostly located in savannah country, watered by streams at the fringes of the highlands. Further west, towards Lake Victoria, lays a gentler rural countryside, less often visited. In the north-one of the main surprises for many visitors- is desert (or semi-desert), broken only by Lake Turkana, a natural highlight, almost unnaturally blue and gigantic in wildness.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Reef

    On a bright and sunny evening my mom, some of her friends, and I went to pine-trees. The beach was beautiful, the sun was shining, there were no clouds blocking the sun, there was a cool breeze, the water was blue, the waves were not too big but not too small, they were just right. My friend Tiana and I decided to go swimming, she took a tube and I took my body board without any finns. When we were out on the water it was going great. There was some big sets, but nothing to major. We kept going…

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