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  • Buddhism Modernism Analysis

    of the sangha but rather potential converts—however it ignores the experience and interpretations of other lifelong Buddhists such as the Dalai Lama as well as potential ramifications from Buddha’s other teachings. First, the Buddha acknowledged the fact that errors would occur in the preservation of his message over time: “...these two things are conducive to the confusion and disappearance of the Good Teaching [dharma]. What two? It is the displacement of words and letters that do not convey the meaning and the displaced words and letters not conveying the meaning to the necessary end”. Second, the Buddha speaks positively of monks who develop a habit of scrutinizing one another, as in sutta 2.2:20: “And when they have mastered that Dhamma, they cross-question one another about it and dissect it: 'How is this? What is the meaning of this? ' They make open what isn 't open, make plain what isn 't plain, dispel doubt on its various doubtful points” (Bhikkhu). Neither of these passages grants a Buddhist permission to ‘cherry-pick’ the parts of the dharma that they do or do not like, however when taken together they do indicate Siddhartha conceded that the interpretation and transcription of his teachings would deviate over time. Under this context his advocacy of skepticism in the kalama sutra becomes necessary for even his most devoted followers in order to eliminate contradictory teachings and prolong the lifespan of the dharma. Granting each member of the sangha…

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  • Reality Vs Buddhism Essay

    passage focus on the forest monks as well as the official sangha in Bangkok. Both these styles of Buddhism strive for the same goal, but the path to the goal are very different. Forest monks use mainly meditation and wandering as their main form of Buddhist practice. They also practice fasting as well as adapting to their surroundings in crucial times. The relationship between the forest monks and the official sangha is a complex one in that they share similar views but also differ in many other…

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  • Gender Equality In Buddhism

    begging beg is part of sangha 's lif style. Women 's menstruation and body strength weaker than men, those cause to bring trouble for sangha 's life. For against social pressure, the Buddha created the eight vows to keep bhikkhu go to worship and maintain the discipline of the sangha ' life. Eight vows was an established agreement at the beginning of women became Bhikkhuni. The eight vows also become rules and tangible or intangible restrict to Bhikkhuni more than two thousand years. Eight vows…

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  • Cultural Differences In Vietnamese Culture

    Imagine, at the temple on the occasion of the Tet Day, you see a blond girl in a traditional Vietnamese long dress, what your feelings will be like? Surely you are curious and try to find out whether he is actually an American. On YouTube, there is one a girl who wears a long dress and sings Viet Khang’s song. The Vietnamese people feel that it’s an honor because our costumes and music are being highlighted through an American. Why so? Why do we need someone else, not a Vietnam origin to…

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  • Reflective Essay: Dexter's First Crusades

    Good morning everyone, today’s blog is going to be a bit different; I mean you all might not even believe me. Yesterday I went to visit my parents in Seattle for the holidays; only to come across a laboratory in our attic. Apparently, my brother is this boy genius that everyone failed to tell me about. I came across this machine that reminded me of the freezer that froze Fry on Futurama and then he was thawed out thousands of years later. Crazy how it intrigued me enough to get in, and I did;…

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  • Women's Role In Buddhism Essay

    sorrow. The Buddha had to soothe him by saying that good daughters are as good as good sons. The Buddha unhesitatingly accepted that woman were capable of realizing the Truth, just as men are and because of this the Buddha was then blamed by the predominant establishment when He decided to give this freedom to women. Gautama Buddha 's change to allow women to enter the Holy Order was exceptionally profound for these early times in the Buddhism religion because it was thought that women 's…

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  • Amitabha Budd Analysis Of Artistic Art

    Surname 4 Name: Course title: Instructor: Date: Analysis of Artistic Works Amitabha Budda (Amida), the Buddha of Infinite Light, Kamakura period, Japan, 13th century, is a work of art made in a gilt bronze medium (Sayre, 33). The gilt bronze used in making the sculpture of Amida accentuates the iconographic role that the way a Buddha positions his/her hands plays. The creator of Amida’s sculpture has succeeded in showing the mythical qualities surrounding the wisdom Buddhas. Amida’s standing…

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  • Video Essay: The Reflecting Pool

    Video Essay: Comparing Uncle Boon Mee Who Can Recall His Past Lives and The Reflecting Pool Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives produced and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul and The Reflecting Pool by Bill Viola are both art films that address on the subject of reincarnation or rebirth. The former is a narrative film whereas the latter is an art video. The Reflecting Pool, a 7-minute art video by Bill Viola, is influenced by his interest in Western and Eastern art,…

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  • Kamakura Research Paper

    Asia is home to many extravagant religious statues. From Japan to Bangkok, to the far away Lantau Island in Hong Kong; each historical landmark represents what once was a triumphant feat. These giant artistic and religious symbols of Great Buddhas have all made an impact not only in the past, but remain a cultural icon for many of the individuals who live near it today. The Great Buddha of Kamakura sits outdoors in the green lands of Kamakura, Japan. Specifically, it is located “in the…

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  • Vipassana Sangha Essay

    My Visit to Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha I decided to take a trip to the Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha to study Buddhism for my religion experiential essay. On August 4, 2016 I found myself in a setting in which I never would have thought I would see because I was raised a Christian Baptist who was once taught that her religion was the only true and accurate religion. As the time for the meditation and dharma talk approached, I began feeling nervous and excited to try something new. As I exited…

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