Cultural Differences In Vietnamese Culture

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Imagine, at the temple on the occasion of the Tet Day, you see a blond girl in a traditional Vietnamese long dress, what your feelings will be like? Surely you are curious and try to find out whether he is actually an American. On YouTube, there is one a girl who wears a long dress and sings Viet Khang’s song. The Vietnamese people feel that it’s an honor because our costumes and music are being highlighted through an American. Why so? Why do we need someone else, not a Vietnam origin to beautify our culture?

Culture is not just in a form of sight and hearing senses. Not just clothes and music. Culture is also food, communication, thought, language, and religion. In general, culture is expressed through our senses. When the senses are aware through a series of
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They go to the temple just simply because of a convention. They believe that this is a rare opportunity to put on traditional long dresses, take pictures and put online for others to view. They want to find something very reminiscent of their native place. Temple is a place that is decorated with Vietnam 's Tet atmosphere, so they would spend time there to find that taste. Why is it that temples do carry the Vietnamese tradition and rarely not elsewhere? Wherever the Buddhism goes, it adopts the tradition of that country as a part of the Buddhism culture. In fact, when Buddhism came to Vietnam and it cleverly integrated into the culture of Vietnam. While other places can be customized, temples still maintain the quality of the traditional effectively.

Now, which group do you belong to? Perhaps, you belong to another group, which is heading to the temple to meet acquaintances, learn more about our customs and Vietnam, to comfortably speak the language of your homeland, and to enjoy the food that you like. You are entitled to preserve it. That is, retaining the culture of Vietnam in you and in your younger

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