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  • Business Analysis: Helvetica

    Helvetica is an internationally known, widely used sans serif typeface developed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger (1910-1980) and co-developed by Eduard Hoffman at the Haas type foundry in Munchenstein, Switzerland owned by Linotype. The steadily popular typeface was officially released in 1957 under the name ‘Die Neue Haas Grotesk’. The original name was kept until 1960, and was changed to Helvetica (Latin for Swiss) by a marketing manager within the company due to expressing their successful plans to market the font internationally, and to do so they requested a name change to make it more appealing towards an international market. Originally, they decided on the name Helvetia (Latin for Switzerland). However, the name was somewhat…

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  • Steve Jobs Informative Essay

    Through his use of wit, rhetoric, and emotional triggers Jobs was able to persuade the audience that you can achieve great things even under difficult circumstances. Steve Jobs use of pathos makes people believe they can go through hardship and somehow successfully move forward. He speaks to his college experience and not being able to afford it, as well as describing his termination from Apple. These two life experiences made the audience feel for him. Moreover, as he explained his eventual…

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  • Relocation Of Japanese Americans Essay

    On the 7th of December in 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The following year, in the middle of February, President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 that allowed for the relocation of all those living in coastal Washington, Oregon, and California with Japanese ancestry. Those living on the West coast were relocated to desolate places far away from the Pacific Ocean and placed in camps with other Japanese Americans. There were a few reasons for the relocation of Japanese…

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  • Eurycea Rathbuni Essay

    Eurycea rathbuni otherwise known as Texas Blind Salamanders are incredible creatures that do not get their fair share of attention compared to animals such as cheetahs and lions. Specifically, they are only known to reside within the dark water filled caves of Edward’s Aquifer in Hays County, Texas.5 Thus, this species was discovered by the San Marcos National Fishery, which is now known as Texas State University.5,6 In 1967, Eurycea Rathbuni was listed as an endangered species, and within ten…

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  • Essay On Riverwalk

    It’s New Year’s Eve 2015. My family and I are walking the streets of downtown San Antonio heading to the Riverwalk. My heart is already pumping blood uncontrollably, not because of the lengthy walk we had to take in order to reach the Riverwalk, but of excitement. The feeling of excitement due to that I will once again be reunited with the Riverwalk; my favorite place in this whole world. This small stretch of river, which I’ve visited two times previously, has a special place in my heart. When…

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  • In Abbe Sieyes, What Is The Third Estate Sympathist?

    who didn’t. Leaving not many to oppose him, some tried and failed to leave creating more bloodshed. Even a whisper of anything that was wrong according to the mountains, had you beheaded. The people were sick of the royals treating them like less than they were so they were happy when the radicals decided to off the king. The third estate benefited from the removal of the king, but they also were put at a greater risk. They were at the mercy of madmen. The killing would not stop with the king…

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  • My Love For Basketball Research Paper

    After the game against South San Francisco we had a record of 6 to 2 while South San Francisco had a record of 8 to 0. In the 8th grade year there are championships and our team was able to make it to the final round where we faced the one and only South San Francisco again, but this time it was for the championship. I remember that game at Parkside Middle School at 6:30. This game was the most important game of the whole season. Before the game Chris came up to me a said, “We beat you twice…

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  • College Admissions Essay: The Journey That Changed My Life

    Being the first generation of my family to graduate from high school and attend college has been one of my major goals throughout my life. I was born on September 21, 1992 in Mexico City but raised in San Diego since the age of four. My mother was only sixteen years old when she had me raising me as a single mother, my mom has sacrificed her life to put a roof over my head. My childhood has not been easy, since I was a little girl I had to face many obstacles that has shaped me to become the…

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  • Giant Sequoia Essay

    BOTANICAL GARDENS Photograph 1: Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteum, (Lindl.) J.Buchh. (sequoiadendron giganteum, 2017) The giant Sequoia is the world’s largest tree it is native to California, when the tree is mature its bark is a red/ brownish colour. The physical characteristics of the giant Sequoia include, its ability to resist forest fires due to its extraordinarily thick bark which can grow to 6 meters wide, fire is a huge reason young giant Sequoia trees die. The bark of the tree…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Harvey Milk's The Trial And Death Of Socrates

    In all circumstances, there is an audience - be it a packed auditorium, with people pushing to sit close to the front of the room, spell bound by every word escaping the speakers lips, or a quiet setting, where the only audience is the individual, speaking to himself. Regardless of the size or location, words are impactful to whomever they’re delivered. Admired are the individuals who realize a moment to persuade and seize it readily. Harvey Milk is one such individual. Milk’s role as a…

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