In Abbe Sieyes, What Is The Third Estate Sympathist?

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Looking at this source you can easily conclude that the very muscular man on the bottom would be the third estate and everyone riding on him would be the first and second. The author of this source would have been a third estate sympathist, showing that the third estate was the backbone or the horse that carried the other estates around. The third estate being made up of the majority of people had to give the most. They paid more taxes and no say in government they were blindly led around chained to the never ending chain of poverty. Abbe Sieyes, a friend to the third estate tried to give these people a voice. He wanted them to be heard to be recognized so he spoke the following “ what is the third estate- Everything” was only the first part of this quote. This part states that he knew that they were the …show more content…
He was a supporter of the revolution, though at first, not a supporter of killing the king, but he soon caved. Realizing there was no revolution as long as the king lived, “Louis must die” and that was the truth that he believed. Rationalizing this he said it was for the good of the country so that it “may live.” He and many other Jacobins supported this, eradicating anyone who didn’t. Leaving not many to oppose him, some tried and failed to leave creating more bloodshed. Even a whisper of anything that was wrong according to the mountains, had you beheaded. The people were sick of the royals treating them like less than they were so they were happy when the radicals decided to off the king. The third estate benefited from the removal of the king, but they also were put at a greater risk. They were at the mercy of madmen. The killing would not stop with the king though it would continue on, bringing the country to its knees. Until the people realized they were doing more bad than good there was nothing at could be

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