Dbq Declaration Of Independence Thomas Jefferson

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The declaration of independence is one of the most influential and significantly important documents In american history, well besides the article of confederation… just kidding, any american should know that was a total fail. The Declaration has 4 major parts; Equality, Right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, consent of the governed, and to alter or abolish the government. The author of this declaration was Thomas jefferson. Jefferson was a wise man, as he knew what is what like, to have none of the benefits that he describes in the declaration. Jefferson was a quiet man, but when he wrote articles, letters, anything that involves writing… he put so much power into his work, kind of like he was mad. He wanted the people to be treated equally, and have god given rights, and I'm sure he knows that everything he wrote in the …show more content…
In document D, they refer to the boston tea party. The boston tea party was a well known, part of america's revolt over britain. King george III, put a tax on tea because he thought they were in debt because of the french and indian war and made it unfair for the fellow colonist. The colonist, or sons of liberty decided to hop on one of the british trading ships, and dump all the tea in the harbor. The whole point in the tea part was that the colonist were revolting from the british government, and wanted to make a change. The british didn't change anything, in fact they made everything worse. This made the colonist go to war with the british and eventually overthrew their government, and formed what now is America. If the declaration of independence did not let the people alter or abolish the government, they would have too much power, and wouldn't be a stable nation. This is very important part of the document, but the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, might just be a little more

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