The Declaration Of Independence And Common Sense

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Tristan Utech
Mr. Westlund
U.S. History
Comparative Essay of the “Declaration of Independence” and “Common Sense” Two documents quite essential to the founding of America may actually have much more in common than just being a tool for action. The two documents addressed are “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine and “The Declaration of Independence” written by Thomas Jefferson. These two documents hold the keys to American ideals and ideas. Freedom, liberty, consent, duty, and all other things attributed to America are in these two documents. But like most papers they are also very different. Let’s take an exclusive look at Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”. This document was written in a secular persuasive way from a Christian world perspective.
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This document wasn’t so much as an instigator to revolution, but a means to ending it. It became the embodiment of how the revolution could end “THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WAS THE FUNDAMENTAL ACT OF UNION FOR THE COLONIES”. This document was what Americans were looking for, something that would allow them all to unite under one symbol. It held the ideals to which Americans all held to heart and believed with all of their beings. Consent, Freedom, and Duty were all mentioned in this document. On top of all this the “Declaration of Independence” was the embodiment of the American mind. This document became the foundation for the colonies to come together and officially announce independence from Britain. Born from these two documents is the foundation of the three themes that Americans believe in. The first theme is Equality, which is that every man is born equal no matter if they are Black or White, Indian or Asian. But they are not the same since everyone is unique in their own ways. Consent is the second theme and it is a civil right which has to be earned when you become an American citizen or are born a citizen (Those who sign the compact). Only under the American constitution does an American have Consent. It is that of the ability to vote and decide on what Americans should do as a nation. Consent also means that the majority rules, meaning all voting or choices go to the majority …show more content…
There lengths are both very different. Paine’s pamphlet “Common Sense” is much longer than Jefferson’s “Declaration of Independence”. “Common Sense” was meant to go into a lot of depth on several current and past events and mistreating’s of Britain to the colonies. Paine’s work also was a call to take action against the British and to help the colonies become their own nation. Paine also describes why “now” in a past sense is the best time to rebel against Britain. Whereas the “Declaration of Independence” is a couple of paragraphs meant to explain why the American Colonies have the right to separate from the British Crown (rule) and become their own nation. The “Declaration of Independence” only skims over a few topics also mentioned in Paine’s work, and does not go into all that much detail about them (whereas in Paine’s work her did explain these topics in great detail), it is more meant to explain the rights of an American citizen (colonists) and what other rights need to be protected from those whom wish to take what is given by God. It also describes the three things that all Americans have rights too and a duty to uphold (i.e. Equality, Consent, and

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