My Love For Basketball Research Paper

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It all started in 2010 with my love for basketball. I was in elementary school in the 4th grade. After school we went to a after school program where we would get our homework done and to play outside for an hour a day. There everyday after school I would be able to play outside for an hour for 5 days a week. Soon I began to play basketball with my friends and found the game very interesting. I loved how people on the team all worked together to accomplish a common goal and how we were all as one. I also loved the adrenaline rush from catching the ball and sprinting to get a fast break. I played all throughout elementary school but didn’t really start playing till middle school. In the winter of my 6th grade at Taylor Middle School I tried …show more content…
After the game against South San Francisco we had a record of 6 to 2 while South San Francisco had a record of 8 to 0. In the 8th grade year there are championships and our team was able to make it to the final round where we faced the one and only South San Francisco again, but this time it was for the championship. I remember that game at Parkside Middle School at 6:30. This game was the most important game of the whole season. Before the game Chris came up to me a said, “We beat you twice and were going to beat you again!”
I responded by saying, “We’ve been training and were going to win this game once and for all.”
Our coach told us’ “Comon guys this is our last game we can beat them.”
The game started which felt like the most important event in my life and I started in the game. I could feel the rush of how fast we were moving through the game. I heard the squeaking of our shoes against the hardwood floor and the sound of the ground rumbling as we ran up and down the court. At the end of the first quarter the score was 14 to 7 and we were loosing. Our coach said to

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