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One-and-Dones in College Basketball
Players who play only one year in college basketball helps players develop their game before going pro, but they are missing out on a higher education and lowering the standards of the college game. College Basketball has been receiving criticism on how many years a player has to stay in school. For all other major sports it is a three year minimum that you have to stay in college, however basketball is different. NBA created a rule that made it to where high school players couldn’t enroll in the NBA draft until one year after high school. You can go to: college, play overseas, or the NBA development league. The most common route for these top high school players is to go to a top college basketball program,
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Duke won the 2015 NCAA National Championship with a talented roster with three starting for them. This makes coaches change the way they recruit players.(Katz par. 1) Many coaches are now going after players that they know will most likely leave college after one year if they have a solid NBA draft stock. This leaves coaches with a decision to make do they want to go with a guy they can develop over three to four years of hard work in college or go with a guy who is going to make an immediate impact on the team and leave for the NBA after there freshman season. Most college coaches go with the to, ugh decision and go after these top rated NBA ready prospects to get there team in a position to win games immediately. However some teams do not do this according to the NCAA “nearly two-thirds of one-and-done NBA draftees only come from only just six schools- Kentucky(13), Kansas(4), Duke(3), Texas(2), Arizona(2), and UCLA(2).” (NCAA par. 1) Many teams steer away from this approach and go to the traditional route of recruiting players that they can develop into team leaders during their tenure in college. This route can also lead to very successful college programs. In many instances in previous years younger teams with better talent tend to struggle against a not as talented team, but with way more experience in the college game. …show more content…
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