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  • Cultural Differences In Vietnamese Culture

    Imagine, at the temple on the occasion of the Tet Day, you see a blond girl in a traditional Vietnamese long dress, what your feelings will be like? Surely you are curious and try to find out whether he is actually an American. On YouTube, there is one a girl who wears a long dress and sings Viet Khang’s song. The Vietnamese people feel that it’s an honor because our costumes and music are being highlighted through an American. Why so? Why do we need someone else, not a Vietnam origin to beautify our culture? Culture is not just in a form of sight and hearing senses. Not just clothes and music. Culture is also food, communication, thought, language, and religion. In general, culture is expressed through our senses. When the senses are aware through a series of actions, they will generate the values of the people from that culture. Therefore, the value of each of us can be formed at a young age that I may do not know. For example, in our culture, on Tet Day Festival, we go to the temple. The Westerners do not have this tradition. We will not question why we have to go to the temple. Over time, we might not even understand the meaning of it, but to blame: it’s only a habit. Come on, let 's discuss the meaning of going to temples on Tet Day, shall we? There are two groups, one is to pray and the other is simply to pay respect to the Buddha. Whether you believe in what idea, it is still our Vietnam culture. And whether which group you believe in, this is the…

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  • Ananda Marga Case Study

    under Article 32 was filed in the Supreme Court seeking grant the direction of the Commissioner of Police Calcutta and the State of West Bengal to processions, the followers of Ananda Marga cult, can be carried out in the public streets and meetings to inform the public accompanied by the power of the Tandava dance in the state of West Bengal take place. The case involved 3 petitions by - General Secretary, Public Relations Department of the Ananda Marga Pracharak Sangh; the Diocese Secretary of…

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  • The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Theme

    friendship. Also, the fence is a representation of how physical barriers can be set up throughout the world, between all walks of life, but as the film shows, can be broken down, like when Bruno crawled under the fence and blends in with the rest of the concentration camp prisoners. With this is mind, how can people use the power of friendship to overcome boundaries of religion, race, and culture? According to the English Oxford Dictionary, the definition of friend(ship) is “a person with whom…

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  • The Immigrant Novel Analysis

    Manju Kapur’s fourth novel The Immigrant (2008) is a story of two immigrants, Nina and Ananda. Manju Kapur chose Canada as the background for her novel The Immigrant and discusses the Indian diaspora in Canada. The novel explores the issues of cultural conflict, alienation, dislocation of Indian culture, diaspora and quest for identity. It reflects the loneliness and the search of self being experienced by the immigrants. The beginning of the novel poses the identity issues of the immigrants by…

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  • Effective Communication Case Study Essay

    Effective Communication Effective communication can enhance teamwork and better understanding between each other. While requiring closely supervise with the followers, Ananda Krisnan should develop an effective communication with them to improve his leadership management. This is because closely supervision refers to directing leadership styles, which is low supportive and usually one way communication. Based on Jacqueline Mayfield and Milton Mayfield, they had been developed an research…

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  • Ahimsa Concept Analysis

    However, some members of society are still pleading for an active right that many are fortunate to possess—world peace—leaving organizations and motivational speakers telling communities about his message, reminding us to be the change and be in aid for many. Gandhi established a divergent message pertaining to how non-violence is supposed to function today using ahimsa, where its complexity relates to other promising topics: ananda, kaivalya and manas. Ananda, according to Encyclopedia…

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  • The Immigrant The Immigrant Sparknotes

    first step towards autonomy. This decision gives her an identity other than that of an Indian dentist’s wife. Nina, who earlier used to see the shadowy figure of her own child, talk of motherhood, infertility treatments, was anxiously waiting to be pregnant and whom her husband regarded conservative now adapts herself to the new country’s requirement. Her course and getting a job become her priority. Nina desperately strives to adapt to the novel environment. And in doing so she transgresses…

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  • Adyar Ana Bhavan Case Study

    Adyar Ananda Bhavan (popularly known as A2B) is a chain of confectioners. Its headquarter is in Adyar, Chennai, India. It is the oldest confectioner chain in Chennai and it has 100 outlets all over India. The range of its products has been expanding over the years and includes a large variety of confectionery products, snacks, and chaats. Currently, the have the following cuisines in their list: • South Indian • North Indian • Chinese • Chaats Sweets section includes authentic Bengali and South…

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  • Case Study: Time For Love: Perrelet '

    While combining the best of western and ayurveda treatments, this program is structured on five pillars – Detox Therapies, Exercise, Yoga, Dosha-based Diet and Meditation. Better still, Ananda Spa also provides complete privacy and the perfect environment to reclaim your health. For more information, visit Time to retreat (Note to art: Vana) Some see it as a contemporary ashram, others an abode amidst nature. Vana is…

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  • Embodiment Essay On Gender And Identity Summary

    This novel has a platform of 1970s, when Nina, a newly married Indian girl reaches to Halifax, Canada with her husband Ananda. She has to resign her job of lecturer due to her marriage, which in fact is her loss of self-sense. Manju Kapur explores marriage with N. R. I. that may be causing a sense of displacement due to shift at an unknown land. It is quite an unpleasant thing that the result of such marriages arises in the form of disturbance, disillusionment and reminiscence. Ananda, who is…

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