Ananda Marga Case Study

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An application for enforcement under Article 32 was filed in the Supreme Court seeking grant the direction of the Commissioner of Police Calcutta and the State of West Bengal to processions, the followers of Ananda Marga cult, can be carried out in the public streets and meetings to inform the public accompanied by the power of the Tandava dance in the state of West Bengal take place. The case involved 3 petitions by - General Secretary, Public Relations Department of the Ananda Marga Pracharak Sangh; the Diocese Secretary of West Bengal Region and an ordinary follower of Ananda Marga.
Shri Pravat Ranjan Sarkar otherwise known as Shri Ananda Murti , founded a socio-spiritual organization claimed to have been in the service of humanity in various areas of life such as physical mental and spiritual irrespective of caste, religion or color in 1955. The headquarters of the organization was located in a place in the city of Calcutta in West Bengal. Ananda Marga teaches Yoga and Spiritual Science to every aspirant. In this case, it was argued that Ananda Marga shows the way and explains the methods of spiritual progress and this helps to practice people to his Dharma. It is this, initiated after the order Ananda Murtiji to describe how his father for each Ananda Margi usual. One of the rules of religious rites to be performed daily by Ananda Margi have introduced so Tandava dance and this is claimed in the year 1966 by the teacher. This dance is to be carried out with a skull, a small, symbolic knife and Trishul. It is also common practice to keep a lathi and damroo. The
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Did the Commissioner of Police [respondent 1] repeating orders pursuant to S 144 of the CRPc 1973 from August 1979, the line that "no member of any procession or assembly of five or more people should carry any firearms, explosives, swords, spears, knives, trident, lathis or an article that can be used as a weapon of offense or an article likely to cause annoyance to the public such as skull

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