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  • The Slave Mother Analysis

    The question, “And arn’t I a woman” is asked several times in Truth’s text. Moreover, each time the phrase is repeated it gains more inclusiveness in a universal fight for rights due to the context it is placed in. For instance when Truth states, “I could work as much and eat as much as a man--- when I could get it--- and bear the lash as well! And arn’t I a woman?”, she has juxtapositioned the repetitive phrase to point out the flawed argument that men and women cannot perform the same amount of work (47). Overall, Truth use of anaphora and juxtaposition logically leads common people to feel deserving of equality rather than creating a hierarchy of a dominant gender and…

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  • Symbolism In Creative Writing

    In an effort to keep things succinct, we’ll focus on three: Option 1: Repetition Authors use repetition of ideas and objects to form symbolism. They bring the idea or object up multiple times in multiple scenarios to show it’s far-reaching implications on the story. Examples might include the Mockingjay pin and President Snow’s white rose in The Hunger Games series (I think both are in all three books), the red rose in Beauty and the Beast, the clothing colors in Divergent and the Bliss in The…

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  • Anaphora In Fast Break

    I chose the poem “Fast Break” because it is about basketball and i play it and think it is a great sport. This poem is a narrative which means that it tells a story in which this poem does tell a story. The poem includes many modern words and includes anaphora . Anaphora is when there is a repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a line. “Fast Break” starts off with “and” in many lines which can be counted as anaphora. “Fast Break” by Edward Hirsch, includes a couple of similes…

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  • Personification And Anaphora In Annie Dillard's

    Annie Dillard uses personification and an anaphora in section 4 to illustrate the significance of the total eclipse that awakens the mind and brings it back to reality. She conveys, “ people on all the hillsides, including, I think, myself, screamed when the black body of the moon detached from the sky and rolled off the sun.” (889) In this instance, the moon is the devil that covers God’s angelic light from glistening over the land and the people. The experience is life threatening because the…

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  • I The Anaphora Poem Analysis

    energy tempts the performers to be too direct, but the beginning should be soft and searching yet with an underlying tension and very clear. To achieve the right kind of tension, we realised it is helpful not to take too much time after the fermata at the end of the previous song before the start of this song. It is important that the sixteenth notes are not too light, and that the singer consciously uses the consonants. I find that I can convey the speaker’s energy and eagerness on the one hand…

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  • Anaphora In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

    This is evident when, Offred is alone in her room and all she “can hear now is the sound of my own heart, opening and closing, opening and closing, opening” (147). Atwood’s use of anaphora when repeating the phrase “opening and closing” generates an image of the valves of the heart pumping blood. It also carries a metaphorical meaning—that of opening one’s heart. This is supported by Atwood’s decision to leave the line without punctuation, ending with “opening.” The lack of a period leaves the…

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  • Anaphora In Letter From Birmingham Jail

    Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” answers the white clergymen’s criticisms about his nonviolent protests, accusing him of inciting violence in Alabama. In Alabama, with its extreme racial injustice,, both white and some hesitant black Americans prefer allowing more time to resolve racial issues and condemn King for encouraging protest in the community. They label King as an ‘extremist’. He responds to his audience by offering a new perspective on the term ‘extremist’. King…

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  • Did Martin Luther King Use Anaphora In I Have A Dream Speech

    Memorial in Washington, D.C. In his speech, King employs anaphora, historical allusion, and figurative language to assert and emphasize the idea that African Americans must stand together to protest peacefully for the rights to which they are entitled so that America can become a place where everyone, regardless of race, can fulfill their dreams. In the first part of his speech,…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Reagan And Kennedy's Inaugural Address

    The inaugural address is a vital moment in any presidency. It is the first speech that is given by the president after being sworn in as president of the United States. The comparison of these speeches can help one better understand the intentions and overall message that the presidents are trying to convey. After watching and analyzing the inauguration speeches of Trump, Reagan, Kennedy, and Obama, it is clear that there are some similarities and differences among them. Trump and Regan both had…

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  • No Firemen At Ground Zero By Michael Burke Summary

    Anaphora is a repetition of a word or phrase in the beginning of a sentence. They add emphasis and get straight to the point to show exactly what the author is talking about. The main examples of anaphoras in this article are two one sentence paragraphs; “And still they went in” and “And still they went up” (Burke). These anaphoras emphasize how the firemen and first responders still went into the tower and still went up despite the danger that lied ahead. These phrases also make the politicians…

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