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  • What Is Real By Alice Munro Analysis

    Most of the time, we merely follow the subconscious mind of thinking, which actually is the secular logic and conventional morality. When Broyard tried to help his friend named Jules out of committing suicide, he gave a very “good” persuasive expression. He asked Jules: “How can you not be curious about [the world]”, and then listed amount of things that Jules could do to show the world is still fancy. Jules did not think he was telling a truth due to he still committed suicide. Nevertheless, Broyard seems to do not believe either due to he asks himself is he telling Jules the truth, and then he replays it: “I don’t know whether I believed what I said or not, because I just went on behaving like everybody else.” Indeed, he just wants to like a normal person and says some regular rules of the word. A person always afraid to break out the regularity cause it has too much instability and sounds unreal for most people. I don’t mean the conventional theories are wrong, and I just claim it is not yours since you don’t understand those theories deeply because you don’t have any experience with it. How Broyard to convince a person, when he even does not believe the words he has said? At last, does Broyard telling Jules the real? It is unreal when he is taking with Jules. However, it is real after he has cancer cause he has desire and curiosity about the world. We should have own opinions and not drift with the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Passing And Discrimination

    highly volatile college catharsis meetings” (Layton 55). Layton was becoming a violent person for the reason that she could not stand white people. Layton even explains the hate towards white people “I became incensed when Jenessa stood up, her blond hair coiffed...confident in her whiteness...when she questioned the rightness of the meetings we were having outside of Father’s purview, I smacked her in order to correct the wrongness of her thinking” (Layton 55). As a result, it affected Layton…

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  • Rachel Dolezal And Racial Illogic Analysis

    wrong decision. People that pass are affected by their own passing and act as if it was a mask. It’s someone that is an internalized racist. And can not see the damage that has been done around them. “He didn't want no notoriety based on his race - on his revealing himself to be black- rather than on his talent’’ (Gates). The ones that pass are using it to their benefit, some want to cover up their names, their ethnicity, and even deny their own families. All for their own personal…

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  • Summary Of Bliss Broyard's 'Passing'

    In 2007, she wrote a memoir about her father’s life and family mysteries titled One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life-A Story of Race and Family Secrets. While her father denied her knowledge of their black heritage as a way to protect her from racism and discrimination, he also denied her of her birthright. He did not understand its importance to her true identity. Finally knowing her black ancestry likely affected how she lived her life afterwards. As he faced life choices, he struggled with…

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  • Racial Fluidity And Inequality

    this leads him or her to get incarcerated, it might make them perceived themselves as a “black” person. For the simple reason that, he or she will usually get treated unfairly and unequally by its society, because “black” people in America stigmatize as the group who causes all of the problems that occur in society (Saperstein & Penner, 2012). To put it another way, the race of a person does not change from being “white” to “black” as consequence of developing Afrocentric features, rather it’s…

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